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walking test

hi all had my walking tests with oxygen yesterday great new i have too have it oxygen when out and then they now have said i got to have oxygen in house as well 15 hour a day geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee am going to be on oxygen nr all day i just work out i well get about 9 hour with out oxygen

work as ask me when i am come back lol so now boys and girl defo need help on what can i clam for

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Oxygen only extra medication, if you no longer believe you can continue working.

Firstly speak to your employer, don't make yourself intentionally unemployed this will affect any benefits.

For benefits check


PIP can claim even if you are working.



If you've been prescribed L-TOT (long term oxygen therapy) as well as ambulatory, then you need it. It came as a smack in the face when I was told I needed it, too - so you're not alone. You'll adapt your life to suit, believe me.

As for working, it depends on what you do... try not to get too downhearted. Oxygen is a life-saver.


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