Holibubs booked

Afternoon my lung compadres ...holiday booked this afternoon insurance etc all taken care off ...first flight since diagnosis...my GP told me to bugger off and enjoy my holiday when I asked him for a fit to fly thingy saying I was probably fitter than him lol so as it's first flight need tips take inhaler in handbag ... breath slowly on take of and landing anything else I need to know about thank my lung family xx

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  • Have a great time Angie.😍

  • Thanks littlepom best advice xxxx

  • You go and have some fun Angie. XxxxxπŸ‘

  • I intend to sassy lol hope your all good and the family are quite well xxx

  • Doing better thanks Angie. Xxxx

  • I'm so glad you have been through it this year with personal life xxx

  • We have Angie and had to have our lovely Tessa put to sleep just over a week ago. Pete is having his 4th back op soon so let's hope things are on the up now. Take care xxxxxx

  • Awwww nooo I'm so sorry ....is he going to St Dicks or Southampton fingers crossed for you hope results are good x

  • Southampton Angie on 6/9. Thanks for your kind words. Xxxxx

  • Your welcome keep us informed couldn't be in better hands 😁😁😁

  • After meeting you and Andrew, I would say fly away. I can, so you should be fine. Enjoy your holiday without any worries what so ever. :)

  • Ahhh we booked it today my lovley after a 12k walk and deciding against Malta in the end we went for Mallorca...hope your enjoying your time of and Sharon's all good x

  • Yes all good, a very good time, thank you for the fresh air. Although your wild birds are not sure about giving me a kisses without hisses.

  • That's what happens when you feed them with your lips and his young ones are behind him lol 😁😁

  • 12K ? A few more miles and you would've been in Mallorca lol, have a nice time

  • Lol thankyou Roey123. If I could walk it there id give it a go don't know how it would work with border patrol 😊😊😊

  • Remembering passport and ticket might help,?Think you might have to put inhaler in clear plastic bag if its classed as a medicine,Try to avoid taking anything with wires and btys and timers attached especially if they smell of *marzipan as they tend to cause confusion in the security area.

    Where you going Action lady?.............skisx

    *plastic explosives have similar aroma

  • Syria lol xxx no was going to Malta but found a 5 star for 10 nights all inclusive in Mallorca for the same price as self catering in Malta for 7 nights so Mallorca won hands down for us both ...Marzipan mmm love it lol xxx

  • Yes, I was stopped because they detected my GTN spray.Not much you can do about that lol.

    I'm going abroad myself in two weeks toting things that I didn't have last year. Inhalers etc.

    Have a lovely time.

  • Thanks Grayjay you also where are you flying off to xx

  • Majorca,haven't been there for about 40 years so I think a lotmust have changed lol. Not a donkey in sight now I suppose. TheTemp at the moment is in the 30s so hope it cools down a notch or two.

    Bon Voyage, have a great time.

  • Probably better off with weather as can get a tad hot in Malta i believe where as Mallorca should be pleasantly warm.Do enjoy with Andrew and no doubt you will get possibly the best holiday snaps to show us on return.........skisx

  • Not going till October first week so should be 23 ish ...Malta does get very warm being in the med .. we have been there before to dive on Gozo but only snorkelling now I'm afraid for me anyway ...thanks so much lovley xx

  • Sounds like you've got it covered Angie just go and enjoy yourself x

  • Totally intend to the strange thing is we used to find out what pubs clubs etc were in the area where we were going ....the first question my old man asked today was ...does it have a gym and no he wasn't being funny he don't do funny lol xxx

  • Lol just shows how much your lives improved, hope you both have a nice time xx

  • I know how are you doing with your gym and exercise hope it's going good x

  • I've been every day this week and took a day of today to rest as was starting to get shin splints from the treadmill, but I'm back tomorrow and really enjoying it, feeling an improvement in my lungs and stamina so things are going good thanks for asking xx

  • That's good news and pleased your enjoying it. shin splints are achy lol I had them to begin with and a day off is good to rest up and take it easy your doing brilliant xx

  • Thanks Angie just about to head of to the gym at the moment going to do more cycling and less running today to help with the shin splints lol.Take care xx

  • Hi

    Did you declare you have copd on your insurance? Do we need to?

  • Morning Leesa yes I have and yes you do ...if anything happens to you on holiday in relation to any medical conditions you had before you went and didn't declare it you won't be covered for it ...fingers crossed nothing will happen and it's a good holiday lol but I got mine's and hubbies for a brill Β£67 for the duration but then I'm not on oxygen and have no other conditions hope that helps you some xx

  • Yes, thankyou.

    I am glad to see your insurance didn't rocket. I have been reading your posts. Can't believe you have copd? You run marathons!!!

    Have a fabulous holiday. So far I am diagnosed with asthma, I take an inhaler twice daily which has returned my breathing to normal it seems. Deep down I know that I have copd, smoked for many years.

    I see the consultant again in September for a full spirometer test.

    Have a wonderful time.

  • Thankyou Leesa I'm afraid I have stage 3 copd but wishing you the best for your appointment fingers crossed...i run do the gym and exercise daily only since I had copd lol turned me around xxxx

  • Wow so encouraging, I'm a newbie to this site so still finding my way about .. I'm also stage 3 copd lung capacity 30% I'm also flying to Majorca on 2nd October but just for the week , still have on going chest infection so a bit worried !! But doctor said I should be fine .. I'm going to Alcudia .. enjoy your holidays too !!! I stopped smoking 11 years ago when diagnosed , waiting on rehab to help me get fitter .. your post caught my eye so hope you don't mind me chatting xx

  • Hi Amanda not at all I hope you have a really good time . We are heading to Cale dor about 5kms away from Palma ...rehab is brilliant and really enjoyable ...sorry you got a chest infection that's not so good i hope you feel better before you go and welcome to the forum Angie xxx

  • Thanks for your reply Angie , doctor has changed the antibiotics I was on so only been on new ones two days , bit breathless so worried about flight and coping in the heat .. but looking forward to the break .. hope you have a lovely time .. 😜

  • Hopefully won't be to hot i think about 25 ish should be the norm ...iv got a bit of a cold snuffly nose caught it of my hubby after his flu jab made him rough he's fine now lol typical have a lovley time away xx

  • Nightmare isn't it !! Positive thoughts for us both and chill time πŸ˜‚ Hope all goes well for you too xx

  • Thankyou speak soon hun x

  • Good for you. I fly to Marseille regularly with cabin bag only so all the liquids have to go in the little plastic bag at security, usually ventolin is allowed in your pocket tho occasionally not so I take the canister out of its holder to fit.

    Main thing is to avoid catching anything. I take Vicks First Defence, have a squirt before, during & after flight, wash hands regularly.

    Have a brilliant time - I'm sure you will!

  • Thanks Peege pretty sound advice and will be using it thanks again appreciated xxx

  • Hi Pegee. I am flying in 2 weeks and bought First Defence. Can I take it in cabin and should I put in plastic bag? Ive flown with my inhalers before and they were in my handbag. No problem going through.

  • Hi, yes, have it in your plastic bag for going through security. When I'm through I then put it in my pocket along with a mini bottle of hand sanitiser gel for the flight & destination airport.

    The air in planes is recirculated so it's not exactly clean but my fussy routine protects me well.

    Good luck. P

  • Thank you very much

  • If they lose your hold baggage you'll have a plenty to deal with without having to sort out replacement prescription medication, so take your meds in hand baggage in a clear plastic bag(s)with a copy of your prescription.

    Have a great time.

  • Thank you much appreciated will do xxxx

  • Hope you have a wonderful time Angie x

  • Thankyou lovley xxx

  • Enjoy Angie you deserve it x

  • Enjoy yourself you deserve it x

  • Have a great time x

  • Thankyou purl 123 xxxxx

  • That's great news Angie. We had our holiday in Mallorca back in the second week of May and really enjoyed it. October should be lovely, lots of sunshine but comfortable temps.

    As regards meds, I carry them all in a clear plastic container for going through security. My nebuliser I carry in a bag of it's own along with the meds to use in it. I usually feel a bit embarrassed at all these meds but nobody has ever queried them. But just in case, I stick the label from the box or bottle of all of them on to the backs of each card of pills/capsules.

    If you only use inhalers, then that shouldn't be any problem at all. After you go through security, just put them back in your handbag.

    Have a great time !

  • Thank you BJ love that name lol much appreciated xxxx

  • Where you going?

  • Minorca Budgie x

  • Lovely

  • I hope to go to California later this year and my Respiratory nurse advised me to wear a mask with a filter during the flight and take my medication to cover any infection. I know I shall feel silly wearing a mask but if it prevents me picking up an infection then I shall. I have emphysema and bronchiectasis so I don't want to spend my holiday feeling poorly. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. xx

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