A+E .... Suspected HEART ATTACK

A+E .... Suspected HEART ATTACK

Well that's where I was few hours ago suffering Suspected HEART ATTACK .

Horrendous dose not describe pain BUT worse was to come as i was sat on toilet when I had most intense pain round my chest under armpit " just like a belt being tightened round my chest" longer it went on the more it radiated to my jaw.

Totally scared to move of from toilet TILL pain subsided .. Then I moved with caution and guarded.

Gosh I was not going to go out that way ... so I phoned 111 told operator what had gone on and she sent round response car.

Few ECG later I was convinced to go hospital AS cautionary matter as ecg come back clear.

2 hours later ambulance turns up to wip me to hospital following response drivers advice.

1 ambulance driver that turned up 2 hours later is not concerned with my condition BUT was busy talking to a colleague that turned up with her " saying I can not go in smokers house" like really WAS good job I was to sick to respond BUT I will be taking issue up with NWAS as I would not mind but door. Had been open for 3 hours and no one was smoking.

Anyway we got to hospital triage ... Nurse tells a paramedic to put me in cubical for further test SO she wips chair in revers with all stuff still attached LIKE really even hospital nurse was shocked at level of incompetence.

ANYWAY few test later doctor said bloods heart was ok with know sign of heart attack or popped fluid filled lungs ... even tho my lung disease was quite obvious on X RAY.

Hospital think could of been muscle & skeletal and or my condition infection and retching cough.

Clearly am happy it's not lungs or heart AND not happy about paramedic saying that about entering smokers home AS do she say that about other homes and vices they might have.

As to follow ups guess going to have to check with gp re hospital sputum sample and if or could of been thoracic spinal stenosis causing pain & breathing issues.

Not really pleased about having 2 xray in week but at least am alive THAT brings me to last DID you know this thing called "Severe acute respiratory syndrome " and is a potentially life-threatening viral illness with flu-like symptoms.

Like really what is it about these virues

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  • So.pleased to here it wasn't your heart or look ings. I came out of hospital the other day was admitted for three days with same complaint. I still feel ill and am on two lots of antibiotics and steroids. Take care love Bernadette xxx

  • Hi Damon defo no how grim that can be hospital was full of them.

    Still feel shaky myself glad your home out hospital as are ghastly place's

  • Glad you're home in one piece, JAS. Hope you feel better really soon.

  • Hi Ergendi cheers thanks am defo glad to be home too :)

  • Glad to hear that all ended well although I'm sorry about all the pain you had. As for the responder, shame on her x

  • Hi Weennie Cheers defo would not recommend any of it ... Gp's are as bad letting it get to such stage befour exchange antibiotics.

    As to ambulance one she was lucky I was ill as it's empowering throwing not rights out of your house.

    Other two lades was gems and brilliant with me and my dad.

  • What a night! I am so glad it wasn't a heart attack or lungs, but pain is pain, whatever the cause. I've never heard of ambulance personnel refusing to come into a smoker's home before. Obviously we are only going to have to be perfect humans before we get help! Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Hi Carmval Perfect humans OMG hope not .. or that's me for high road .. Two other ambulance women was stars really IS same to spend lot time talking bout rotten apple when there is good out there too.

    Cheers n thanks

  • Me too, didn't start out perfect and been going downhill ever since! All the best

  • Ad not worry to much is commen theme on HU ... ... Lol

    Mad init .. I said o it's coz am mangy dog

    Human nature init when you think all is lost IT jumps up and surprices you

  • Glad things are not as bad as first thought but no paramedic should be so discriminatory, never heard of that.

    Viruses are terrible as they can lay dormant and flare up when they feel like it.

    Get well soon JAS. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Sassy cheers n thanks is rank one for sure virus and still can't cough it up.

    Just filled my complaint so hoping be quickly resolved like my virus.

    Cheers thanks again

  • I know what the pain is like when you have a heart attack my first was in 2002. But I have been asked a number of times when did I have my recent one? It appears at some point I have had at least another recently. But did not know?

    Glad all is better now and hope you get it all sorted out soon.

    Be Well

  • Hi offcuts nice to see ya nocking about ... Defo made out of that good stuff I aspire to.

    Think I had taste of heart trouble and most defently did not like it.

    How you could not feel others well I guess your first must of caused that obliteration stuff people heart patients go in for.

    Nice to see ya and hope your keeping well

  • Thank goodness it wasn't a heart attack. I know how frightening those symptoms are. I hope you find out the cause and your GP can explain what was happening.

    Take care.

  • Hi Yer am at GP tomoz to find out few things want them to compaire bones with xray had done last night.

    Have to try not give myself willies as still recovering.

    Was horrendus and now my back killing me lucky tho paracetamol seem to sort it.


  • Good luck at the Doctors.

  • Good morning Jeff, that is not very nice having an emergency visit to hospital. The paramedic is not really allowed to refuse to go into a smokers house, however health and safety rules allow them to refuse to work in a risky environment for their health. Red tape gobbly goock. Hope you feel a little better today, have heard of that viral infection SARS for short. Bet it gave you a shock yesterday. My neighbour was taken in on tuesday he has a heart condition. I've had a medic alert installed, with monitered intruder and fire alarm. so just press a button if I fall or feel ill and they ring me but if no reply they contact emergency services.

  • Hi Katie great news about medical alert .. Is your threw tel phone line ... I was looking into just medical one but all I seen was you needed land line.

    I can't understand why they don't use mobile networks or the do but not have seen any yet.

    As to virus defo is pits and defo one to avoid

  • Morning Jeff there are some that go through mobile but like you I haven't seen one , mine is through the landline with a box on the hall wall for them to speak to me or ring me. The alarms are cheap but not the monitoring service, my cost remains the same I think she said, works out about ten pound a week but that covers smoke alarm , fire, police and medics.

  • You know those call things that hang round your neck? You can get one that knows if you have collapsed and contacts the call centre. They talk to you via the device. If you don't reply a paramedic or ambulance is dispatched. Presumably you need a key box too. Mobiles can be very clever.

  • Hi Cheers i never knew was such things DO you have link.

    In honesty am not living on my own so dont think i really nees one.

    Cheers thanks for reply

  • I found this, so there must be others.https://www.personalalarms.org some have GPS trackers which is handy. They mention epilepsy, including a monitor that can tell if you are having an attack while asleep. I don't see anything about it talking to you and I'm not clear on who it contacts if you collapse.

  • Hi there, you can have a key box, otherwise its dependent on a key holder near by, who can open the door. The medic bit works like you say if the alarm goes and no reply from you they send out a paramedic or ambulance.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I was wondering if perhaps the paramedic could have been asthmatic and that could be why they were reluctant to go in.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better today, take care.

    Ben .

  • Hi Ben I went into shop yesterday before event for some milk and place was rank with bleach & chloride.

    Even tho I told owner he was trying to gas me I was nice ... Perhaps she might need to rethink her career choose or use her preventer more AS think this worse things in life than walking into smokers house.

    Funny how she did not have problem driving turbo diesel ambulance.

  • With her attitude, your paramedic is certainly in the wrong job. How dare she pick and choose which patient she will attend to. I don't think I could let that go. Pleased you're back home. Lilian xxxxxxx

  • Hi Lilian thanks only thing she said was about smokers house THAT was enough really ... who will it be next and who made her judge and jury.

    Shocking really but she most defiantly said it to wrong person AS ball is already in motion.

    Am just waiting to hear back from reporter I talk to on FB that's how strongly I feel about her and her opinions

  • What a terrible time you've had Jeff. Must have been so scary too. Glad to see you're back home and feeling better. That paramedic is definitely in the wrong job if she wants to pick and choose whose homes she goes into -ludicrous. Take care xx

  • Hi Dedalus lung dieased already suffer bias WITH out them thinking it's free for all ... But would not agree with you more she defanitly needed to shut up or pack up.

  • Maybe it's possible the paramedic had a lung condition and if so it's their choice and right not to enter in respect of their own health and safety guidelines...you say there was another 2 paramedics there so 2 is all that's normally in attendance ...so really the 3rd one that stayed out wasn't really necessary to begin with get better soon x

  • Hi Angiecbr if that was case why did she not stay in ambulance but no had to stick her two penny in.

  • Several comments have been removed from this thread. Please can you all remain polite when in discussion with another member. Being argumentative, insulting or 'blaming' have no place here. If you don't like what is written ignore it. If it breaches the guidelines report it.

  • We all have bias and opinons and this no place in NHS for it

  • Wow what an experience. Please report paramedics as next time someone could die. Glad you're doing better. 🌼

  • Hi Bal is already in montion as investaging officer was shocked too.

    Am just lucky had two other very nice very intrested paramedics.

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