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PR report

That's the first PR done. Quite a mixed bunch, about 12 of us. It was introductory really. They repeated the shuttle (not shuffle!) Test. I actually went further, 210m, without oxygen than I did las week with oxygen. But my SATs dropped to 70 so they said I had to use oxygen for all exercises. Then we had to lift weights, in front bending the elbow and lifting up sideways, apparently I did quite well for an old scrawny person. These were used to set goals for treadmill, bike, steps etc, about a dozen things. There was one guy who walked at about the same speed as Usain Bolt, twice as far as I did, the said was bored. He has just moved and has been doing up his house. I asked him why he was doing the course, he said because he couldn't bleep breathe. He seemed quite fit to me, I think different people have different expectations. Part two tomorrow!

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People do have different capacities and expectations...i was asked the same thing why I was doing it because I can walk fast and lift weights and I look fit ...but we are all there for lung conditions in one way shape or form and it benefits us all so much so I now go to my local gym 2 hours daily and can walk the hind legs of a donkey but without PR a lot of ppl wouldn't do anything I hope you really enjoy it and gain the benefits from it

Angie xxxx


Oh, I'm sure I will.


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