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Stop ads showing people who never smoked dying of copd don't take away hopes ..stop the people killing innocent people family friends

Stop ads showing people who never smoked  dying of copd  don't take away  hopes ..stop the people killing innocent people family friends

I have a disease . brought on by second hand smoke . by parents smoked their entire lives 6 packs totals day in house in car when pregnant. There is an advertisement about what 22nd hand smoke could do . and at the end of this distasteful commercial it says he died of 222nd hand smoke at 54. My motjercpast 3cut a ago from bladder from smoking . I am on oxygen 24/7 an my quality of life sucks . it reminds me that I will for earlier than my mom who lived till 88.I won't see my gbabies get married or graduate . there is no cure. N the commercial reminds me that I have no hope. .u really think that commercial will stop an addict from smoking? I see so many young people smoking . now i am not allow in many or most all clubs to hear live music because my oxygen is a liability. So I get punished n can't enjoy things I was I love . music n art are my life. Why can't the smokers be the liability n not the innocent ones who have nevetcsmoked a day in my life my son's 43 n 41 have never smoked ..cigarettes. I would like to know who it what kind of insensitive person is responsible for that commercial. It hurts the ones with the incurable disease. I have a hiatal hernia 2cut a of pain because doctors are afraid to put me to sleep that I won't wake up .but now it's become an emergency surgery. I have lost 50 lbs due to no sense of smell no appetite no energy to cook n eating makes it hard to breath . I really hope some is really reading this. Focus more on stopping the smokers . an addict won't stop for someone else's sake . am I wrong.I don't want to be reminded by tv .I am hooked to a 25 foot tube with an electric concentrator n a liquid 150 lb tank no electric needed. If there was a fire I couldn't make it down 12 flights with my portable tank . please focus on the cure for stage 4 COPD or stop smokers raise prices add tax make bars with Love music smoke free all thru fla where I live . NYC is almost 85% smoke free restaurants bars etc. Please from all those with no voice .as I have experienced ,,n almost died twice when O2 dropped to 73 n Bp 70/50.the ambulance pushed 4th oxygen all the way to 10 to get me to 80. The doctor of pulmonology said straight forward its not that I could have died 10 min n I would've fallen back to sleep n die. Thank God my friend was here from New York .we had tickets to see Adele I said to the do for do what ever I have to I have a mission a will to live to see Adele which cost a fortune. The doctor was so kind he promised he would give it his all n we pinky promised. I made it to the concert after he said I had one of the worse cases of pneumonia ..I get it alot . I check my oxygen constantly thru the night cause my 02 levels drop when I sleep . please reach out to the commercial that takes all hopes away from the people who are innocent victims. Stop the killers . the tobacco companies ..its worse than heroin n I know because my nephew od at 35...but he never was responsible for other people's death ..just his own .smokers are literally killing people . just run over me with a car n get it over with. N send the murders to jail .scared straight.I won't stop posting on face book n fighting for my life n other innocent lives cut short. Its cruel n selfish thank u n I really hope someone gives my feelings n thoughts power.. to stop reminding the ones who are dying from other people's add I tions I hope to make change for the rest of my time on this rolllarcoaster..remember life is not s dress rehearsal no second chances for me n many many many more

Ayne Ruderman a voice I hope gets heard n my will doesnt stop.

I am down to 110 from 160 10 months ago .no appetite no energy help

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Hi Pinky2017, this is a UK site so not many will have seen the advertisement you talk about. However, in relation to blaming smokers as the cause of COPD you may benefit from reading this article that O2Trees posted elsewhere:


Part of it says:

"Both people who currently do not smoke (non-smokers) and people who have never smoked (never-smokers) can get COPD.

Four major risk factors for COPD are:

Exposure to secondhand smoke: Being exposed to secondhand smoke as an adult can lead to COPD.

Exposure to air pollution: You can develop COPD if you are exposed long-term to air pollution. You can also develop COPD from inhaling dust or the fumes of fuel burned for cooking or heating purposes. COPD can also be caused by chemicals or fumes found in the workplace.

Genetics: COPD has a strong genetic component. As many as 5 percent of people with COPD have a genetic condition known as alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. People with this condition have too little alpha-1 antitrypsin, a protein helps protect the lungs from damage. Having too little of it can cause your lungs to deteriorate, leading to COPD.

Age: Most people who have COPD are over 40 years old.

Additional factors include stressors to young, developing lungs. These factors include maternal smoking during pregnancy, low birth weight, tobacco exposure in childhood, and childhood respiratory infections.

Having asthma may also play a role in developing COPD. One study found that the presence of asthma helped predict COPD in non-smokers."

As you can see it can be quite complicated. Is my COPD caused by my smoking, my mother smoking, my low birth weight, my childhood asthma or bronchitis, our home having an open coal fire, exposure to pollution in places I have worked, traffic fumes because I lived on a main road.... difficult to identify one certain cause and it was probably a combination of all of the above. But seeking to place blame, talking of innocence, doesn't help. None of us chose this disease and none of us deserve it.

I hope you can come to terms with your limitations and still enjoy your life. Some of us find we have to limit our activities but many can still be enjoyed if we adapt them a little and others can be replaced and remembered with affection. We still have our family and the beauty of the nature around us. I wish you well.


I totally agree n there are days I am full of energy. But the next day I sometimes sleep till 2pm. I get up every few hrs during the nite .my children who a re 43 n 41 don't really understand that copd is a disease n I can run do all the things I did 3 yrs ago. I need surgery n my GI doctor says no way. But having a base hiatal hernia when it pops out causes me to have a hard time breathing . my daughter in law offered to come down n go with me to the surgeon on Mon. But when I asked her today she declined. Its hard with no support system where's live. I only speak to a handful of people. Becausevi can make plans but wakes up at 4am with shivers so intense n 4 hrs later fever . I can't move. Making plans ahead of time is a bit stressful. But I'm ok I live on the beach n view the fla intercoastal. So I enjoy my terace .my art ..music .playing piano . days go quickly . I still fear sleeping . since I found out my O2 level drops when I sleep n at times I take out my tubes ratThankher than tripping over them n forget to put them back on. So I use the tender grips to keep me from removing tubes. Good luck to all no one deserves to be ill but have to play the hand u are dealt .and get thru it Namaste


Hi I am sorry to hear your story. The full dangers of smoking wasn't known about many years ago. It is now so hopefully parents will take this on board.


I know my mom smoked thru her prengnacies n both parents smoked 3 packs each a day. My mom smoked till 4 months before she died at 88. I started having respirtory problems since I was16 or 17. Even when I was in the hospital for a week with asthma my mom started smoking in my car n I said NOC MORE ..she got angry at me ! We were born to early I guess . I never knewxtill 2 yrs ago that I had a hole in my heart. My pulmonologist thought it was odd that was lungs were acting differently on right n left. So I had a procedure to close the hole n they found an any risk n I have a mesh inside me. This doctor helped save my life . I am so glad I switched to a younger doctor. My other doctor that treated me for yrs Just said I had asthma n emphysema .never a sleep study or looking at the big picture . I thank my higher power everyday I wake up .!


I never started smoking till mid 20's think thats why lung are bushed now as never smoked early on.

But guess this loads things i remember akrid smog when younger that was like pee soup and acid rain.

You don't really see adverts on pollution or acid rain.

I remember reading about load of fish that was poisoned in local lake AND that turned out to be rubber dust from local airport and planes landing taking off.

If its not one thing sure it would be other.

Is great ya still getting out tho


Hi Pinky, It sounds like an awful ad with the sole purpose of scaring people! The majority of COPD patients don't actually die of their COPD - regardless of whether they smoked or not, although our daily lives may be hugely affected by it. Don't give up to easily on going out with your 02 - I have been on O2 for 8 years and have never been turned away from anywhere - although I have sometimes had to explain what my O2 backpack was - most folk are quite friendly & supportive about it. As for second hand smoke etc all I will say on that subject is this: never smoker, ever Smoker, ex Smoker, NO ONE deserves COPD.


I don't agree . my O2 dropped to 73 n the doctor said 10 more min n I would've fallen back to sleep n die. And lots of deaths from copd are due to getting pneumonia several times a year. U have to be your own doctor sometimes . n there is only 1 antibiotic that works thatch am not allergic to

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Thank u for sharing . I was in the music business. And I love to hear live bands which are usually in smoking bars n clubs. So I miss out on alot . I am the liabiltu in their eyes (edited). I am not allowed in with O2. One place would even let me sit outside the bar with my O2 . so next time I go and the owner who I have known for years tells me I can't smoke outside her bar . i will tell her call the police you don't own the sidewalk! Good luck namaste


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