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Friends in Great Britian USA had their Total Great North American Eclipse!

Had my home made viewer made out of a cereal box,had weather channel on and my box worked. We had 75% total coverage,I do not live by any city that had totality. My son and his son stopped by,and of course after months of waiting no years,due to my son wanting to go elsewhere to watch I missed it. So watching it was pretty important to me,I am upset,it is not taking me much to get upset any more. I wanted to just be with my home made box to view but did not want to be an oddball and refuse my family,but now I am sorry. The next one does cross up by Great Lake Erie,if still alive I am getting there even if I have to take a bus. It is in my state and Im only aprox an hr and 45 minutes away. This path will come north to south the one today is was west to east,the two put an cross or x over the Mississippi river and yhe Ohio river which some people believe will be a great earthquake. I believe they are signs to warn USA to be a better country! Truely it getting pretty crazy in the US,more than wild west as theirs so much gokng on thats bad. I do notvknow if drug like heroin are really bad in your country but they are awful in ours. Every family has someone hooked on thd crap. If you get pain and go to ER,they just treat you like youf drug seeking. Its crazy. Trying to explain to family another huge issue,if you or kids sick..stay away. They sneeze or cough,I end up in hospital. My immune system pretty bad. So between missing the eclipse,nervous about appointment and unknown,I am pretty salty today. But some cheerful people have been helping more than they even know on this site! I do nog know what this means but going to say it..I missed thd bloody eclipse! :) laughing at myself now as its unknown if I am cursing but felt good to say it.

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Some wag on twitter has said it's a cosmic sign that Trump is about to be impeached :D


HiO2, No Trump is not going to get impeached. He had big todo on tv saying about troops going back to Afghanistan. He letting our generals deside the stratigy. He is not as bad as some may think. He needs to stop tweeting and does get ignorant but Obama was dragging us down to a weak unpowerful nation! So would Clinton. He is strange but he has a good V.P. He won due to usa wanting guns,freedom to protect. He also stands not with planned parenthood,murders of babies,against abortion and we needed a change. IDK if he going to be good,but 8 yrs of Obama playing nicey to Terrorist,we do not want. His ideas are a bit extreme,but we got North Korea pointing bombs to nuke us. >i am not afraid but concerned about that and Middle East. We watch whats going on in other places in Europe and it is sad. Terrorist. We have our share too,but we watch Europe,Jerusalem and watch all the terror based countries. Trump may be good or bad..time will tell.


Oh well Lin there you go. You just make the most of every day and take care. Xxxxx

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Coverage of the eclipse was shown on television in the UK, if you look at the BBC News website you can see a video.

I went to a social meeting yesterday, and so many people were coughing, it's such a worry.....stay in and I see nobody....go out and risk my health. As you say this site can be way of contacting others and a lifeline at times.

Drugs are a problem, you can see such young wasted lives.


Yeah its awful here too. I avoid things then get lonely and happy to get out then bam sick myself. Especially when grandchildren back to school. I know what ya mean!


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