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More tests

I have just got hold of a copy of the letter from the Bristol Heart Institute and can't say I understand much of it, even with the help of Dr Google. However one thing is clear, lots more tests in the offing as I have been put on the waiting list. Let's hope they manage England's maximum of 18 weeks, or preferably a lot less. There were one or two comments that made me laugh in a weary sort of way. One, I obviously hadn't been hypertensive since the surgery, followed by a later comment about the medication for high bp, and secondly that I hadn't said I had chest tightness and had an angina spray, to which my response would be, you didn't ask. They have hardly any letters but it doesn't seem to occur to them to ask the patient! One thing I noticed was that just as the first cardiologist agreed that dronedarone had been discredited, the second one thought it was ok. Meanwhile my breathing is not especially good in this humidity, and my depression has returned full blast, so back to the increased dose of anti-depressant. Hey- ho, on we go!

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Awww carnival sorry your not feeling good fingers crossed things get moving for you and you feel much better soon stay positive many hugs Angie x x ❤

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Thank you xx


IT Beggars Belief that the so called professionals can make such a mess of things I really don't know what to say other than they get there act toghether and give you the treatment you need also I'm sorry that your depression is Back But with what you have Been through lately I am not surprised Take care x


The thing I notice, having been caught up in the NHS for fifty years is that few doctors actually ask questions about your experience, and I am sure the modern doctors rely too much on technology, rather than asking a simple question, such as have you got high blood pressure, what do you take for it, have you had it for long etc. The other thing is they could read the notes, and the third thing is, why don't hospitals ask for records from previous hospitals? It is inefficiency and means they waste an awful lot of time. No doubt things will become clearer in the fullness of time! At least they plan to talk to me before they do the tests. What a privilege!

I do hope you are feeling better at the moment and that things are going reasonably well.

With love xx

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Sorry to hear the Bristol Heart Institute didn't live up to your expectations!

My son is seen regularly there and they have been terrific with him since he graduated to adult services 15 years ago....

Can you ask your GP to interpret the letter for you?

Keep well !


No they were fine, and I am glad that I am there. I just find it odd that if they don't know something they don't ask. It is possible of course that he didn't think that I could have had hypertension because it is so long since I had my surgery and am still here. The average life expectancy is 60 and I exceed that by quite some years! I have been getting very very depressed over it all, and I am afraid I expect people to be more organised over things, as I am a bit of a perfectionist (and bossy!) I feel much better today having seen my GP and had the antidepressants reassessed. I think everything had just got on top of me. I was pleased to see that I am on the waiting list for the tests. I am so pleased to hear your son has good care at the BHI, very encouraging. I think my problem is that I have never had continuous care with a doctor who is experienced in congenital heart disease, so immediately feel I have to check up on things. It has been a pretty difficult year what with moving house, my husband's cancer and severe back problems and the fact that because Bristol know what they are doing in respiratory and cardiac care and so keep finding things that are new it all just feels a bit overwhelming. However, at least they will now get to the bottom of things, and perhaps find some treatment. Thank you so much for your concern xx


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