Finished with PR!

I had my last session of PR this morning, the weeks have flown by. The shuttle test, which I was dreading, was almost a piece of cake. Six weeks ago my number was 80 something, today it was 130. A significant improvement I was told. Borg scale was 3, so I was delighted. I shall miss my sessions, having learned so much about the disease, how very important exercise is. Six weeks ago I was a breathless, lethargic old lady, today I can walk up the stairs, take the dogs for a walk, my posture is better and I feel heathier and younger than I have for a few years and I am determined to carry on with the exercises. If I had not read all the encouraging remarks on HU then I would not have even thought about going. I thank you all. Lilian xxxxxxx

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  • I am so pleased you enjoyed it and have seen such great improvement. Keep it up. :)

  • Well done keep it up. Xx

  • Hi Lilian, Well done and sounding like another convert too. Great isn't it, being fit once more :) Make sure you keep it up because it is a case of use it or loose it. Even when I had a flare-up a while ago I kept up exercising, gently I hasten to add, not wanting to slip backwards again.

  • Thank you 2G, I am indeed a convert and WILL keep it up! Maybe not during a flare-up though but will try. Lilian xxxxx

  • Unless totally unable during a flare-up, do think about gentle exercise. They say, and Ive found it to be true, that you recover much quicker if you carry on exercising - which may just mean walking gently around the house. This will prevent the muscles deconditioning as much as if you lie down or sit in a chair all the time.

  • Yes, O2, when I've had previous fare-ups, I hadn't been to PR and was afraid to do anything other than stay in bed, now, after PR I am in a different mindset, I feel far more confident and am not afraid of breathlessness, so I am sure when I get a flare up I will not let it get the better of me. Lilian xxxxx

  • You've done so well Lilian - the future's bright!

  • Yayyy way to go you glad you enjoyed it...time for the lycra and the weights lol enjoy it new found freedom xxx

  • Thank you Angie but me and Lycra!!! Lilian xxxxx

  • Absolutely without a a shadow of a doubt why not 💙♥

  • If you saw me Angie, you would know why not. Lilian xxxxx

  • If I can wear it anyone can xxx

  • Lycra lil.thats your new handle on CB radio(i think thats the jargon they use)?Well done girl you have shown us all the way.Enjoy your larger lungs.......skisxx

  • Lycra Lil! Love it. Thank you Ski. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Cool, mine starts tomorrow. Is the shuffle test the same as the bleep test?

  • I think the shuffle test refers to the six minute walk test which you do when you're being assessed for PR, and then again at the end to see what improvement has happened. My physios don't use that term.

  • After my 'walk' I asked if it was 6 minutes and the physio said it wasn't the 6 minute walk it was the shuffle. Apart from it being shorter there was no difference. Lilian xxxx

  • Then I have no idea what the shuffle actually is Lilian - is it a measurement of how long you can keep going (under 6 minutes)? And what is the bleep's function? Obviously not up to date - or maybe just that my respiratory team don't use this. In 17 years copd Ive never come across it.

  • I don't know what it is O2, I thought the 6 minutes had gone quickly, that's why I asked 'was that 6 minutes?' that's when they told me it was the shuffle test. I know they were short staffed so maybe there wasn't the time to do the full walk. Is the bleep's function to time you between each cone. You know far more about this than I do O2. 17 years - that's good going. Lilian xxxxx

  • Yeah - Im a millenial Lilian :D

  • The bleeps gradually speed up. Myvtest stopped when I couldn't walk that fast, this was my legs rather than my lungs packing up.mind you my SATs were then down to 76. The 6mwt is an international standard with lots of data behind so hospitals have something to compare you with. The physics presumably find their test useful, certainly less knackering.

  • Wow, never heard of this before. I'll mention it to my physio at my next maintenance session.

  • They still use the bleep but the walk is not as long. Lilian xxxx

  • Best of luck for tomorrow, you will be so pleased you went. Lilian xxxxx

  • That's a huge improvement, you must be very pleased.

  • I am pleased, thank you. I feel far more confident now. I put my goal, when we first started, that I wanted to walk up this hill (incline), today I was asked if I had achieved it, I had to say no. But this afternoon I decided to take the dogs for a walk up the hill, easy peasy. Hope you are well. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Well done Lillian xxx

  • Thank you Margaret. I hope you're feeling better today. Love Lilian xxxxxxx

  • Its great reading all these positive posts. Ive got my first checkup at the Drs in a few weeks. I already feel better for giving up smoking and I will be asking for a PR referral when I see him.

  • Hi GrannyPam, Pleased you have started to feel better. Is your check up with the doctor at the respiratory clinic. I hope you get a PR referral quickly. Lilian xxxxx

  • I'm just seeing the Dr at the GP surgery.

  • Have you had the spirometry test GPam? You're probably at the same stage as I was 20 years ago. Now that you've stopped smoking and thinking about PR, the world is your oyster. Lilian xxxxx

  • Yep had the spyrometry test it came out moderate. Ive got to find out ecactly what that means xx

  • A wake up call GPam! I think you will do what you should be doing and be fine. Lilian xxxxx

  • That is really good to hear and so happy for you that your quality of life has really improved and I sure hope you are able to maintain it.

  • Thank you Jack. I'm just going for a walk. Hope you are well. xxxxxx

  • Lilian226,

    So pleased for you, we told you it was a good thing to do, home exercising is difficult but force yourself to do them. all of it will keep you feeling fitter than before, all good news.


  • Yes, you did tell me it was a good thing lKeith and you were so right. Thank you. Lilian xxxxx

  • Well done at reaching your goal of the incline (hill ) something i hope i can do once i have been to PR . Unfortunately my lung disease is rare and progressive so although im awaiting my 2nd app with wythenshawe transplant team (double) lung i really need to be in as best physical health possible and at present this is not so good .Heartrate 130 at rest alot of the time and oxygen 88 dropping to 80 at times but obviously due to the fact my lungs are full of cysts this is to be expected so im a glass half full kinda peson rather than half empty so looking forward to my app letter for PR. Thankyou for making sound worthwhile ..x mel x

  • Thank you Mel. I do hope you can get your health level up to what is required. I know it's hard to exercise when you're not feeling good. I was feeling really lazy and without any sort of goal a few months ago, but exercise has changed a lot of that. And you have a massive goal to achieve, you have a lovely big light at the end of the tunnel, so carry on with your sit to stand and steps up and keep your glass half full attitude. I would really like to know when you get your appointments Have a good night's sleep Mel. Lilian xxxxxxx

  • PS Do you know how long you will have to wait for your PR Mel? xxxxx

  • So glad your feeling better well done onwards and upwards as the saying goes xx

  • Thank you Tavy. I hope your discomfort has improved a lot by now. Lilian xxxxxxx

  • Alot better now thank you Lilian all the best xxx

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