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Obstructive & restrictive lung disease!

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Hello my name is Terry Iam 35 I was having shortness of breath and coughing, went to my doctor they gave me a inhaler 4x a day and sent me to get a pulmonary test. The inhaler didn't help and the test came back abnormal it says I have obstructive and restrictive lung disease. Iam really concerned now. It's been since June 29th I still feel the same. I went for a X-ray because my insurance won't cover a catscan until I did a X-ray the X-ray just said that I didn't have any fluid in the lungs so Iam guessing they wanted to rule out pneumonia.

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Hi, Terry. It sounds like it's time for you to go back to your doctor to get your inhaler changed. There are lots of different types, so your doctor should be able to prescribe one better suited to you now the results of the x-ray have come through. All the best, and do let us know how you get on.

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I will keep you updated thank you very much.

Hello Terry

You definitely need to have a CAT Scan to find out exactly what is wrong. Not all conditions can be helped with inhalers. I have a restrictive lung condition which is causing my lungs to go stiff. This means I cannot breathe in fully and I cannot breathe out fully. I don't have any cough or any mucus or anything like that at all. I have hardening of the lungs.

I am on Oxygen 24/7 but even that doesn't solve the breathlessness because the damage is already done. The oxygen is mainly to raise my oxygen levels to protect my other organs. Obviously the oxygen does help me but it does not completely solve the breathlessness.

As you have a cough and breathlessness it is important to find out exactly what the cause is. Of course, you may just need a different inhaler like Ergendl has stated. However, you also need to know what is causing the symptoms to ensure you get the correct treatment.

I hope you can get a CAT scan as soon as possible.

Best Wishes


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Ash15 in reply to TwinklingStar

Thank you very much Iam hoping my insurance will cover the cat scan now.

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Ash15 in reply to TwinklingStar

Would something be on the X-ray if it were wrong or I would need a cat scan?

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I don't think everything shows up on X-rays. I know once things get really bad more things show up on X-rays. It you can get a CAT scan you may be able to have some treatment which would prevent it getting worse. Mine showed up on the X-rays once it got so bad that the damage was irreversible.

I think it would be a good idea if you ring the British Lung Foundation because they can give you all the correct information. As far as I know inhalers rarely help those who have restrictive lung disease. I think inhalers are mainly used for obstructive lung problems. I really am not 100% sure though so I think it would be good to contact the experts to help you.

Before you ring write down the questions you want to ask so you don't forget anything important.

I hope you can find out quickly what is actually wrong.

Once you have a name you can find out a lot more.

Sorry I have not been able to help you more. Having a bit of a brain fogged time right now.

Best wishes

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Good link that explains both.

I am restrictive with multi-conditions heart, lung and other areas of the body not wanting to play fair. Pulmonary Hypertension is my biggest issue I have now gone from mild to severe and it makes me very breathless doing the normal things!

Be Well

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Ash15 in reply to Offcut

Thank you very much the website is very helpful!

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sarcoid1234 in reply to Offcut

Thank you Offcut that website is very informative. I understand a lot more now about lung function tests.

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