Pain in back on left side (lower lung area)

Afternoon All, I hope you're all well. Strange thing happened at about lunch time today, I took in a deep breathe (by mouth) and had to bend forward to relieve the pain. Here I am 3hrs later in bed. I haven't much of a cough, am a bit breathless (no more than usual) and only in pain if I need to sit up or stand up. Anyone any idea. TIA xx

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That's really tough. Hope it eases for you. Sorry I can't help - fingers crossed someone here can.

it is probably something you should get checked out. I hope the pain eases soon.

Was it a deliberate deep breath or just something you felt happen ?? It could be maybe a badly pulled muscle from the exertion of the deep breath...but get advice from your GP and I hope you feel better soon xxx Angie

Get it checked out asap. I broke 3 ribs in a coughing fit 3 years ago. Best Regards, judg69

Yes, I got mine checked by my doctor and I'd overstretched the intercostal muscles with my lungs trying to pull my ribs further than they can go. I make sure I have some Ventolin now before I do anything strenuous to stop that.

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