Rehab Was Fab!!!

First session of pulmonary rehab went OK. I still had the dilemma of not knowing what to wear - I didn’t pack the mankini and I knew a thick pullover or a tracksuit wouldn’t cut it so I wore me jeans, shirt, and took a towel in a bag, just in case.

I was asked to get there early to do a bleep test to access my fitness. There were two traffic cones that I had to walk to and from and the beep, they play from a ghetto blaster, gets faster each time. You have to keep up with the beep. It was bloody hard work - I was like Road Runner - After a few exacting spurts I thought they were gonna pronounce me dead - it was so strenuous my lungs were pushing out through of my mouth like a puffer fish.

By the time the rest of the class came in I was slumped in my chair, gasping for air and looking like I’d taken a shower and forgot to dry off. Sweaty or what!!.

A small class of 6 - and no one sat next me.

Believe it or not I loved the session. Not what I expected at all. Very professional, instructive and above all caring. You don’t work together as a group - you are your own boss. You go at your own pace, set your own goals and challenges and it’s you that can benefit - only if your willing to take part.

For me, there wasn’t much talk on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - the class is mainly for people with COPD, which I was keen to hear about - It might help me.

I was worried at the start as our instructors Power Point Presentation stopped working after his first slide - It was Microsoft telling him on screen that his laptop was due for an update - After loads of rebooting things started to work and we sailed through the first hour.

My classmates were a little conservative especially when the odd question was thrown our way. I left pauses, for them to answer, but it appeared it was only me that was participating!!

One chap kept reminding the group that he also had emphysema - another removed his shoes and I wish he hadn’t - but on the whole I’m looking forward to seeing them all again.

I gleaned what I could in my first hour but I was then told I could leave as the rest of the session was all on COPD. Were they lying? Did they just want to get rid of the sweaty chatty lad??

I went home with two exercises to do for 30 minutes each day. One was raise your arms in the air and the other stand up from sitting. Not bad moves if I ever have to get up on a bus and ring the bell.

I’ll keep ya posted. But if you get a chance to take the course DO IT!! I learnt tons Xx

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  • That's interesting, my first class is on Tuesday. Aside from the bleep test did you do any actual exercise? Maybe that will come later.

  • No - Just two. Hands above head and sit to stand. I excelled !!!

  • I'm not sure I need a lesson in those, I'm pretty sure I've done both of them before. No pumping iron?

  • Nigel, sit to stand is actually very hard. I have worked my way from just one and getting blasted and out of breath to now a series of 3 times 8, with a pause in between. ti took me sometime to work it up. But it's a hugely good exercise. i see my friend having difficulty in standing from the sitting position. Yet that is such a valuable exercise to keep your legs functioning.

    I also lean with my hands against the wall and lift one leg at a time, a series of up to 30 for one leg, then the other, again working it out from one or two. Powerful to keep the legs going nd the circulating. but start gently. Mic

  • Hilarious account. Glad you enjoyed it 😀

  • Thanks Georgina

  • Made me smile - loved the description@

  • Cheeeeers

  • Haha, You reminded me of my sessions at PR, a lot in common there. I am pleased you enjoyed it, it's great isn't it.

    I had one session when I thought I was going to be the only one there until another chap turned up late, what a workout that one turned out to be, with one to one supervision. Being November the others in the group were all off sick. Happy, fun memories, nothing like I first imagined.

    You have the right positive mental attitude so keep it up, it will serve you well in the future.

  • Thank UU 2G

  • What a great attitude you have and a natural wit too. I look forward to reading your next installment xx

  • LOL Thanks Casper

  • Hilariously funny account of the class ...mankini and wooly jumper next time lol if they weren't talking about you last class they will in the next ...unusual to be told it's ok to go have a lung condition as they do so your entitled to stay and listen should you so wish..thank you for the giggles 😁😁🤗

  • My pleasure

  • I actually found that as you progress, there is a lot about lung condition. don't be shy to ask questions when the time comes for them to show you what drug to take what is lung disease. Guide them to what you want answered, that's the best,


  • Hi Nigel, thanks for your funny account of PR, glad you enjoyed it. You seem to have the knack of making people laugh which is great. At our recent Breathe Easy meeting we had a magician to entertain us and he had us all laughing and everyone said how great it was to have a laugh. So keep up the good work of making your readers happy. Take care, Lizzy x

  • That's very kind of you to say Lizzzzzzzzzy

  • A mankini sounds best :D x

  • LOL

  • I can picture you knocking them shapes out bit like bill and Ben the flowerpot men,sounds like you had a blast bet they got the chocolate biscuits out after you left,take care..alan

  • I'll take my own biscuits next time LOL - Cheeeeeeers Alan

  • Your account of your session made me smile - can't wait for the next one!

  • Thanks Helen

  • I did the Course had to take 2 buses to get there took 1 hour & a half had lift back to 1 stop found it marvelous plus I got a book about everything after weel worth the trek XC

  • Goooood News

  • Christabella, isn't there a way to organise hospital transport for you?

    Your conditions is worht considering transport. Telephone the hospital receptionist and ask to be put through it. Mic

  • That was for Pulmonary Rehab Course I have hospital transport for Warfarin bllod test & Appointments at the hospital looks like will have to find my own transport to go in for a major op as it is a Sunday but think I have a lift & can always get a taxi if stuck XC

  • Hi thanks for your experience, actually looking forward to mine.

    Question do you do the 30 minutes exercise all at once or are you spreading out during day?

    Looking forward to episode two😊

  • I casually did it in about an hour but my day also included walking and shopping - which are all part of your day. Gooooood Luck Oliver

  • Thank you my day also includes walking dogs out.

    I just tried and managed 5 minutes so will work on that over the coming days will go to build up a little at a time, as was breathless. It's a simple exercise but it's doing a lot and it took my HB up....

  • ha ha you have made me look forward to my 1st PR session .. looking at it more with excitement that i may learn how to breathe better when walking the few steps i take til im completely panicked and running to sit with my fan blasting on my face to help my breathing regulate itself back to a safe pace .rather than dread so thanks for your fun take on ur experience and whens your next visit ..mel

  • Have a gooooood one Kemety - you'll enjoy it I'm sure

  • Thank you for a good chuckle as I really enjoyed your description of your introduction to rehab. I hope you do well and get lots out of it.

  • Thanks uuuuu Jack

  • Way to go Nigel on kickin butt at rehab! Im surprised ya did not wear the mankini time as you can stay cooler and all. Do not forget your shades and flip flops for your feet! They won't tell ya your done in that outfit. Your a great writer! I want pulmonary rehab! I am happy for your accomplishments Nigel.

  • Thank you Lin - (Shades/Flip Flops) )I knew something was missing

  • I've still yet to get a diagnosis but if I get the chance to go I hope there's someone like you on the course lol!

  • Thanks Tons

  • I have my pre assesment for PR on 5th sept , its in a village hall , so I'm expecting to see chairs in a row with eager people sitting down waiting to start with the fun😂😂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃🏃🏃👟👟👟I attended PR in 2016 but this was gym based and yes I was the only one there with ild 😬. Wish me luck , I hope it's as entertaining as yours 😀👍

  • Gooooooood Luck T K. Have a good one

  • Nigel, this is brilliant indeed!Yes, it’s encouraging wht you glean there. I hope you can get a follow up with the pulmonary nurse too.

    I did 2 Rehab, then I went to the gyn for over ten years. I never regretted it.

    I have started the flute. AND I do something based on medical Tai Chi called the 8 pieces of brocade; brocade is sil which is supple yet solid.

    Here’s what it is:

    And here is the YouTube video with a lovely girl to encourage you!

    I do this every morning and evening with my nebuliser. You have to start really gently and stop when you get out of breath.

    I bought a very gentle and very instructive book with visual photos of movements:

    Master Lam's Step-by-Step Tai Chi Paperback, by Master Lam Kamchuen. I really recommend this book, as it is easy to follow. IN a way you can pick and choose from it. I have integerated some of these in my daily routine.

    I hope you get stimulated into doing exercises because that is the cue for better health. Be of good courage. Mic

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