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I've been with this stabbing pain on my chest for nearly 3 weeks, but 6 days ago started to get worse. I've decided to see my GP yesterday, doctor told that I got Pleurisy and prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen (which I was already taking). Today the pain got worse and I went to A&E, during triage the nurse told me that the A&E was for serious conditions and they send me to another GP inside the hospital, the doctor refused to do an X-ray and only prescribed me codeine and naproxen. The pain is horrible and I don't know what to do, any advices please ?

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Sorry to read about issues you have experienced FOR pain .. most on here get same robust answers from health care professional's WITH regard pain so I would take response with pinch of salt.

I assume they checked you oxygen levels breathing SO I would try pain killers and if not worked and you notice changing in breathing I would go back GP or Hospital saying they have not worked and you must have infection.

Hope you start feeling better


i had pleurisy many years ago and i was rushed to hospital where i stayed for five weeks, so i find it strange you have been diagnosed with this condition and not at least been given antibiotics, i would go and get another doctor to see you and get another opinion. hope you get well soon, sylvia


Hi, I agree with Jeff. A very offhand approach here from both the GP and the hospital. Pleurisy is a serious condition anyway and actually, nobody has diagnosed it properly. It does need an xray and may need an antibiotic. Take your temp (bearing in mind that you are taking meds that will lower it). Take note of your breathing. Is it difficult to breathe? is the pain constant or a sharp pain at the beginning or end of a breath or when you 'sigh'. Do you have a cough and is there any mucus. If you have any of this go back to the GP and insist that they take you seriously. Mentioning that if they have missed pneumonia it could trigger the complaints process may help. I hope you feel better soon.


Yes, you're in the right place, Welcome.

We're not medics here so offer a bit of knowledge based on our experiences.

Pleurisy is agony and takes a while to heal. Same pain as broken ribs imo.

I didn't know pleurisy could be diagnosed from an X-ray. The fist time I had it the GP used stethoscope, I asked him how he could tell and he said it's a different sound. Rasping rather than crackling of an infection. He px Ibuprofen and Amoxicillin antibiotic & said to return in a week if no improvement. I was worse, had pneumonia as well.

The important thing is don't hesitate to go back to GP. Others have mentioned symptoms of infection so please, don't hesitate. Our lung health is so vital. Also re ibuprofen, any sign of stomach pain, stop, go back to GP. P xx




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