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Happy to be with Grand Children today

Got visit from my daughters 3 beautiful kids. Oldest boy 16 then girl 13 and along came 3rd lil surprise 2 years ago. My day flew by. I oh so aware of every ache and pain when all alone. Hope everyone is doing alright. Staying in doors larely too humid outside last 2 days and tomorrow suppose to be rainy. Next Monday is the Great North America Eclipse. I am reading up on what happened during the one in WW1 not too good of outcomes. We have fault lines a active volcanic type gusher in Yellowstone then the new Madrid fault zone and yet another near where it finishes by South Carolina. I have been on You Tube reading about it. It is pretty crazy,you know how history likes to repeat itself..there were great earthquakes pandemkc flu and of corse ww1 all occuring that same year and it is predicted to occur again. Its actually been interesting to watch some of these video's. Hope all have a good evening. Take care.

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Wishing you well Lin and glad you had a fun day. We have our grandson here today which is always great. He's 5. Xxxx

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