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Hi Folks,

I was at rehab yesterday and someone mentioned that instead of a Seretide inhaler he has changed to Fostair and finds it much better for him in a few ways. Has anyone done the same thing ? and what do you think of it.


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I changed from Seretide Accuhaler to Fostair NEXTHaler which I find better.

With Seretide I often got a tight chest which made my breathing worse.

So after discussion with respitory team I changed to Fostair on a months trial, been using it for several months with no problems.

Cheers for this info stone-UK...I hope this continues. I will be asking my doc next time I see him. I stopped with the Spiolto...too much back on Spiriva and Seretide...but, yes still hard going!! Appreciate this infor. All the very best to you and yours.

Hi 👋 Greyjay there good I take both For years . I hope you feel much better taking fostair . Bernadette x

I have only ever used Fostair works very well for me.

I was switched from Seretide to Fostair due to cost-cutting efforts, best thing ever! Much more versatile and can be used as a rescue - I'm just keeping fingers crossed they don't take it away & switch to cheaper muck, as they have done with Spiriva. It's very much a post-code lottery as to what drugs/inhalers they prescribe and it seems Wales is the bottom of the heap. They boast about their free prescriptions - not much use if they only prescribe rubbish.

I use Fostair and it is THE most effective inhaler that I use, it is the one that lets me function enough to be able to work still. The "star of the show" for me, but we are all different, what works for one, may not for another, you won't know until you try it.

It's utterly brilliant. Streets ahead of Seretide

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Does Fotair put weight on ?

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I've been on it two years now. I've put on weight in the last six months but because of CFS, eating more calories than using & inactivity rather than Fostair. P

My lung Specialist switched me to Fostaire from Seretide because she said it was better but also faster acting. Hope you feel the benefits.

I was changed from Seretide to Fostaire but I found it made me cough more, I never coughed on Seretide, so I asked go back on Seretide. Each to their own. Keep smiling.

Carole x

I was changed from Seretide to Forstair plus Ventolin both changed from powder as not enough was gong into my lungs so liquid now with a Spacer which delivers them straight. sometimes the doctors choose the easier/cheaper options which our bodies get used to over time so we need to have a change from time to time. find the Forstair lot better than Seretide.

christabella this is interesting. Could you please let me know what the Liquid form is called? Is it the same...that is Fostair Liquid and do you use the spacer for the ventolin or what?? cheers for the info. Best wishes.

BECLOMETASONE 200micr0grams/dose/Formoterol 6micrpgrams/dose inhaler CFC free which I use with a Spacer Salbutamol 100 micrograms/does inhaler CFC free used with Spacer also. Used to have poweder but was told up Chest clinic they did not seem to be reaching my lungs as powder stuck in my throat also.

Many thanks for the info. I will discuss with doc when I next see him.

All the very best.

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It's the metered dose spray rather than powder. P x

Ditto! I changed from Seretide to Fostair about 1 year ago. Recommendation from a consultant at Liverpool Heart & Chest. Some comment about less chance of pneumonia. I have had no mouth thrush since using it and also find it excellent for occasional relief of shortness of breath as salbutamol inhaler is of little use to me. I use the gas inhaler version with a spacer (accuhaler) and store the spare ones in the fridge until I start to use them. Best of luck.


Hi I made the change over to fostair with an aero chamber but it did not suit me so am back on Seratide & Genuair (A form of Spiriva). If the Fostair suits you try it with an aero chamber which you GP can prescribe.


I was switched to Fostair for two reasons, 1/ it is a much finer powder and therefore gets deeper into your lungs and 2/ because there have been reports (NOT PROVEN) that Seretide in a very small number of cases has been linked to developing pneumonia.My 'team' thought that as I have very severe C O P D -level4 it would do no harm to switch me to Fostair.It might be worthwhile asking whoever is dealing with you (and accept their reply) about you switching.

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Thank you too GAspEr9...yes gasper lol, I relate. Moi too stage four! with oxygen not all the time...but who knows that could change!! Stage 4 is referred by the yankies as ... wait for it!!! lol...the end stage!! Woopee I say....please, I do wish they would change that!!

I will ask about Fostair as he the doc, was keen for me to try the Spoilto due to it being a fine mist. So with Fostair as you have graciously explained is also very fine. I do know that the Seretide isn't doing much for me. The Spoilto was working, but at what cost...I couldn't continue with the burning, which is written up as a side effect! BUT...I also read alot about stroke! So there, I stopped....and it was back to the drawing board. But I definately will ask about the Fostair.

Many thanks for the info. All the very best Gasper9...continue to look after your very good self!


I recently saw a consultant who gave me Fostsir. Within 2 days I have been back to breathing normally. She thought that I had asthma!

I probably have copd too. Not sure how long I have to use it or what the long term effects are?

Hi I have been on fostsair for about three years now it's made a big difference but I would advise you to ask for a spacer to use with it has a tendency to cause thrush in the mouth xx

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I have a spacer

Many thanks for this infor Grayjay....really useful. I did try the Spiolto...but the burning sensation was quite severe with me and I was fearful I might have some type of I have gone back onto Spiriva and Seretide....the Spiriva definitely drys out my mouth. So I will ask my doc next time I see him re Fostair. Again Many thanks.

Thanks for all the replies kind folks, Fostair has had some very good reviews and has the thumbs up. I'll go to my GP on Monday to see if I can Change.

Kind regards.

All that I have read above with regards to Seretide & Fostair (and I'm most grateful to all the contributors) I consider to be very timely because these are matters to bring up with my specialist when I meet up with him in 2 days time. I am currently on Spiriva and Seretide with Berodual for emergency use only. I must state that prior to the use of Seretide nearly 2 months ago I had a series of asthma attacks leading to nebulizer treatments. Currently, though free from asthma episodes, and my breathing seems quite normal, I am prone to dry cough, which if continuous, leads to formation of mucus and ultimately phlegm. So, lets see what my specialist has to say! Best Wishes to yo all.

I went onto Fostair. About 8 months ago and found it much better, less rescue Steroids now!

After 11 chest infections in 11months & 18 weeks of anti bio's in 2016 I requested a change from seretide after seeing a post here that seratide affects SOME users in this way. It's even in the leaflet that is with it. It is though an effective asthma preventative. I had been referred back to the consultant & asked her for a change so she wrote to my GP & put me on fostair. RESULT! One infection & anti bio prescription in the 8 months of 2017 to date. It's changed my life.

I'm definately going to put in a request for Fostair today, it sounds like it's definately worth a try.

Thanks every one.

Bad news for me, my GP has told me that only the consultant can change my inhaler. So onto the respiratory nurse, to see if she can help.

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I have never heard anything like it. I think your gp is talking a load of rubbish

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