The Blue Badge Ambulatory club

The Blue Badge Ambulatory club

Well after writing to the council many moons ago and producing the equivalent of a post graduate thesis or dissertation the powers that be have awarded me a Blue badge

I was supposed to collect it friday but was otherwise engaged at Wythenshaw,so today with hernia friend contained i drove down to the council office which is now a beat up shop in the centre of town.The main town hall has recently been demolished and they may build another one if they can pass their own stringent planning application.I parked as close as possible on a single yellow line and hobbled into the office to collect it,i must have only been gone 10mins and on my return to the car a lady dressed like an SAS assault team member covered in serious looking weapons and or gadjets was busy writing me a ticket.

I explained my circumstances standing on one leg and gulping in 2 lpm+ with my anxiety and peered into her darkened soul.i caught just a glimmer of a previously glowing ember and to my delight it fired up like a combi heating boiler and a smile crossed her face as she deleted all digital references to my misdemeanor and welcomed me to the "Blue Badge Club"

Tank,cat and badge Onwards and upwards go we.Love to all scruffy and skis.............xx.

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welcome to the club skischool.

Glad to have you join us in the BB club skischool and great post. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Did you notice that the Blue Badge is in Scruffy's name?

Yes,she dictated and signed the letter to the council and i have no doubt that she is using the car without my knowledge......skis

'Tank, cat and badge' - your are triply blessed, SS. But somebody's been bending poor Scruffy's ear :(

poor scruffys ear has been bent since we adopted her,she lays on it during her 20hrs a day sleepathon between meals and toilet visits,Hard life ain't it!.....xx

Yay skischool !!! So glad you have your blue badge now. Scruffy doesn't look very impressed. You must have worked your charm on the ticket issuing lady. ๐Ÿ˜Š So very happy for you. Have a good week. xx ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ‘

Glad you got the Blue Badge ski and all worked out well for you and Scruffy. Xxxxx

Ooooo a Blue Badge club , can I please join :-) mine finally arrived Monday :-)

Cales x

consider yourself a fully paid up member.i think mine cost ยฃ10 not sure as scruffy did the application.....x

Lol mine was ยฃ10 aswell so scruffy didn't get a special rate ๐Ÿ˜‚


So there are some good souls out there after all, here in Brighton the wardens would likely laugh at you and tell you to take it up with the authorities, which is so time & effort consuming. Therefore lucky you and remember to read the booklet as there are other benefits to a blue badge that you might get, unfortunately you will have to go thro' the dissertation stage again, nothings made easy. It would appear that at least you didn't have to go thro' an assessment & test. Keep well.


Hooray! xxMoy

Well done, however read the book! Not allowed to park on single yellow lines .... only double yellows! ALWAYS display the badge even if it's not necessary - as far as I am aware no one is allowed to tow your car if it displays a blue badge.

And when the "edited" use disabled bays (with no badge) try blocking them in while you do your shopping .... they are a lovely shade of red when you hobble back to the car - they can also teach some quality Anglo-Saxon words that you'll have never heard before ... it's a nice way to spend an afternoon! Hehe

y-not,cheers mate been there done it and seen the movie.on one ocassion a 'edited' crossed our paths but the number plate on his nice shiny 4x4 was no match for Cecilia's quickie salsa 100kg mean machine as we inadvertently lost control.lucky for him as i was aiming at his feet.needless to say he did go a funny colour and speak in a tongue i had not heard since my Army days.ho ho........skis

Our little tabby has a kink in her tail. A war wound from the ongoing territorial skirmishes with an impertinent moggy down the road.

Thankfully scruffy is not a warrior more of a pragmatic diplomat with fast little legs to avoid conflict though she has been known to stand her corner on occasions.........x

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