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Can ILD be cured? Any advice extremely helpful!

Hi all,

Come up against another problem - Hope you guys can shed some light / help a bit -

I was diagnosed via 2 Biopsies in 2009 (one basic and one very invasive taking 3/4 right lobe) - Both showed ILD, Chronic Bronchitis, and slight emphysema - with all the usual traits - Ground Glass appearance etc .....

About 7 months ago - new consultant - decided to do a CT scan - from that I have been told that all Intersitial Lung Disease has gone and I simply have very mild Emphysema now -------- Having seen 3-4 different doctors / gp (for emergencies since) - everyone of them has told me the same thing - being

IF YOU HAVE INTERSITIAL LUNG DISEASE - YOU HAVE IT - It cannot simply go away .....

So you see my problem - Does anyone know the answer - I am totally confused here!


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Hi duchess, I think ild has a wide range of different diseases, most chronic long term but i also know there is such a thing as smoking related ild's and from what Iv read some can stay unchanged, some progress and some, with smoking cessation can get better. We're you told what Ild you had?

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All I know is that it was left from a very severe bout of pneumonia - I never got a cough with a cold before that! - According to the consultants at that time I should not have survived! - ILD and Chronic Bronchitis, as well as pernicious anemia?

Any ideas?

Thank you


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