At last!

Sometimes making enough fuss gets you somewhere. Today I received an appointment for oxygen assessment, only six months late! Not until the beginning of September, but at last pushing has paid off. I shall take my husband in with me this time, he is good at dealing with bullies, thirty years of headmasterly practice. I also have an appointment with a counsellor in late September which is good.

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So pleased that things are finally moving for you hopefully all will be straight forward she says with crossed fingers you have certainly had to wait I agree with you Definitley take husband and he can Deal with any Bullies hope there is none though now. The countdown begins take care x

Good news Carnival and wishing you well. Xxxx

Good. An about time too. September isn't far off. Well, not in NHS terms.

Love and hugs

Kate xxx

Good on you at last.....!!!!! A 6 month wait is shocking ...

Do et us know how you get on won't you please ?


I need oxygen, but I was told I had to go 'somewhere', miles away, to be assessed, which would be too difficult for me. Why is it not possible to do the tests in the surgery? I buy my own oxygen. Good luck, Carnival. Albert aged 83.

It's the same everywhere it seems, everything is centralised for efficiency (!) but they overlook the fact that not everyone has access to a car or good public transport, especially in rural areas. Fortunately for me we have a local community hospital where they do this kind of assessment.

Fair enough if you buy your own oxygen Albert, but how do you know how much oxygen you need and whether you need it long term (16 hrs a day ) or ambulatory only ?

I only need it on a bad day, or if I have an infection; but I like the assurance of it being there, Polly.

Ok 😊

The problem mainly occurred because my consultant and I are in England, my GP and respiratory nurse are in Wales but the GP got on to the Welsh consultant who sorted it out. It wasn't helped in the first place by the fact that the English consultant's secretary didn't send any of his letters until June, having had them since February. Think she works on owl post!

Finally! So another couple of weeks then. Good. Also good to take OH with you, always feels as though one is taken more seriously when another bod is present.

Counselling is always helpful too, as you well know my lovely, so it all seems to be coming together, have everything crossed for you xxxx

Got the cardiologist tomorrow, saw the interventionist cardiologist in June, wondering what he has said as I haven't had his report yet. I know that he thinks I have pulmonary hypertension, a hole in the heart which may be left from the cardiac ablation, and I may have an aortic aneurysm or it may be just scarring from the original surgery. It is all such jolly fun! Thanks for your good wishes xx

Hello Carnival567 . So very pleased for you. It's about time. It's always good to have someone with you when possible. I am glad your husband is going to be with you. Please let us know how it goes. Sending you a big hug. xx 🌸

Thank you. I hope she does a proper assessment this time, i.e. 6 mwt, which is what she should have done last time. I gather she has been 'spoken to' by her boss. When my husband does his headmasterly bit he can be quite formidable which can be useful, but he usually leaves me to get on with it, so I have told him to speak up if necessary! I hope you and Chom are managing well xx

Where are you going for your oxygen assessment? Hope all goes well and you get the equipment quickly if you need it πŸ˜‚

Local community hospital, the nurse is based in Newport.

Excellent!!! Hope all goes well for you 😊

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