I've completed a pulmonary rehabilitation course 2 weeks ago. Wanted to join the local Breathe Easy group but am exhausted! In fairness I have felt exhausted for ages and suspect it's due to fast heart rate 115 irregular today, (not unusual for me,) and high blood pressure for which I've been given Indapamide 1.5 per day. I am taking Aminophylline hydrate MR 225 twice a day and suspect it's not doing much. Has anyone got any experience of a similar problem?

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Hello christinetaylor548 . Being exhausted has been part and parcel of my life for as long as I can remember. It just goes hand in hand with being chronically ill. I was always on my toes in every aspect of my life. Pushing myself to do more all the time. I have finally learnt how to pace myself. To slow down and just stop when I need to. It's the only way I can live without being thoroughly knackered all the time. So yes, I understand what you mean.

Take your time and join the Breathe Easy program. But in your time.

Sending you my very best wishes.

Cas xx 🌸

Thanks for your reply and good wishes. I'm finding it hard to accept what's going on in my body. Or rather how little I can do at the moment.

Totally understandable. You just need to be kind to yourself. And patient. xx

Hi well done on completing PR . I have been on 3 PR courses since being dx with COPD in 2006. And found them very helpful. And recently finished a cardio 16 week course at my local gym. As caspiana says try to pace yourself and and take your time doing things. We understand what you are going through. With feeling exhausted. Take care. Xx

Have a word with your Gp. regarding your irregular heart beat, that should be checked out ,

Perhaps when your heart rate settles you will feel ok again. My hubby had something




Many of the people on the forum have done the rehab course. Remember it is designed to help build you up but in doing so proves to many how unfit we really are. However now that you have started down the road do try to do some exercises ongoing. It does help with the exhaustion to some extent. Must say tho' that I don't have the heart problems, discuss it with your GP or even the COPD practice nurse.


Thanks for your advice. I should have said that this was my 3rd go at pulmonary rehabilitation. My heart rate has been noted several times but it was checked by ECG and the Docs seem to think it's nothing to worry about. Does everyone at stage4 COPD feel so exhausted?


Hi, I think so, energy is something that I struggle with and always feel exhausted & tired, unfortunately the professionals always tell you to get through to the other side by exercising, easy said not so easy done but we all must at least try.


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