Cutting grass

Taking it easy after weed wacking and cutting the grass. I love cutting grass. I am out of breath,sweating in pain bad but it looks better which in turn makes me feel better. Now back to boring household chores. And cooking myself something for dinner. Have a blessed day everyone,I read some funny posts which I love this site for! Breathe on lungers,breathe on!

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Hi I used to love cutting the grass & the smell filled my sad old lady lungs!! We've moved now & no grass to cut...but I feel your satisfaction..happy days !

Happy days to you too,thats my next step,to where i do not have to but not old enough,have to be 63 and where i live is i keep trying. But it won't be long till i can not. My son is a landscaper and never offers and i am not a begger. I would sooner pay a stranger for somecthings and have. Children do not want to help their parents any more,they all say " we busy" ,yes andcwecwerectoo,butcwe still wiped your tears made things all better and tied your shoes! Life! Thankful theres a better place awaitingvme in heaven!

We all have busy lives & don't think of our loved ones till sometimes unfortunately it's too late...but keep on cutting that grass gal when it's no llonger there like I have found will miss it!! 😐

Bon appetite lin .🤓

Hi Alan. Not time for me to eat yet,but getting there! Thanks buddy! Enjoy your day!

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