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HI everyone

Just to let you know im still here lol checking posts and dont feel that bad , but have noticed copd progress a little has do get more tired and sometimes wheezy when i lay down but after just one puff of my blue top ventoline has and when inhaller (has still just use that one at the moment) i am ok.

Had a new hipp operation last september and that seems ok now and can still walk about without getting to breathless and can still walk for 4 miles without stopping that i do twice a week.

I also now sometimes get a slight pain in my back left lung not bad but its there and worrys me a bit

was diagnosed with copd in january 2013 so nearly 5 years ago

try keep active everyone if you can

best wishes


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Nice to 'see' you Music. I always smile when I see one of the old avatars and know a long-time member is popping in. 4 miles is awesome. :)


Well done that's great. I could walk for miles too as I am only mild. What stops me though is back pain unfortunately. It means that every 15 minutes or so I have to sit down for 5 minutes :(

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Lovely to hear from you music and wish you well. Xxx


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