When we had lungs

When we had lungs

I often mention my dear wife Cecilia in my posts so i thought,just to cheer myself up i would bring her to life as i think that our partners and carers need some recognition.

The reason i mention lungs is that this picture was taken in the bus station in La Paz,Bolivia,Cecilia's birthplace.The altitude of La Paz is approx 3,600mtrs and the airport a couple of miles up the road from here is over 4,000 mtrs.

This is pre copd/empysema days and just getting about on healthy lungs was a bit of a struggle,but i learnt from trusty locals that the ways to avoid altitude discomfort and sickness was to sip lots of Coca tea and chew on Coca leaves this had the effect of relieving headaches but left you with a completely numb mouth,I soon discovered that it would take a very determined person to become a cocaine addict on the basic raw ingredients.Also 30 kilos of leafs in your inside pocket would seriously reduce your street credibility.

I intend to return to Bolivia again in the near future to meet up again with my Bolivian family but thankfully they live in Santa Cruz altitude 416 mtrs so my portable concentrater as opposed to an oxygen tent should suffice.

Love to all skis and scruffy

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Lovely photo of Cecilia ski and hope you get to go to Bolivia. Xxxx

I was in La Paz last year. Loved it. I'm a great fan of coca tea at altitude too. Lovely to see the photo

hope you went Bolivia summer time as it gets a tad cold to say the least in La Paz in winter....x

Yes it was early September after Chile and before Peru! Not sure how I'd cope right now tho

south american globetrotter?

She looks so lovely, I hope you get to visit your Bolivian family soon.

I hope that you get to make that important trip very soon. XXX

Thank you.only hernia repair and lung management holding me back.xx

I'm having one of my total-insomnia-no-sleep-at-all nights and have just logged on here now to stop me climbing the walls.

I love the photo of Cecilia, she looks so vibrant and bohemian. I know that ponchos are probably worn by everyone in Bolivia, but I had a huge poncho when I was about 18 and it was my pride and joy and passport to 'being cool'. I wore it to an archeology lecture at college and the professor asked if I'd left my mule tethered outside :) But back to Cecilia, it's a great idea to post her picture here and keep her visually in our minds when you talk about her. Maybe other people would like to do the same thing. My husband is alive and (almost ) kicking and he'd have a conniption if I posted a photo of him on social media but maybe I'll post a picture of the cats :)

Did your wife have lung problems also SS ? And if so, how strange that you now have them too. She really is lovely and you must miss her dreadfully. It's nice to tak about her here and keep her alive in your and our thoughts. .

But as for your return trip to Bolivia, have you thought this out properly and has Scruffy got enough air miles to get into premium class ? Because we couldn't have Scruffy in anything less then premium.

And BTW, how did you and Cecilia meet ?

Thank you all for your kind sentiments,Yes billiejean unfortunately Cecilia did have lung problems but i won't go into details for fear of perhaps upsetting people with similar conditions.If you are expecting an Indiana Jones type initial meeting traversing the Andes in search of Inca gold i am afraid to advise it was the less romantic venue of the Station pub in Ashton under lyne lancashire.

Scruffy will be travelling 3rd class freight on budjet airlines via Mongolia whilst i travel businees class with Varig via Brasil.Chicken or beef for scruffy.scallops and caviar for me

Lancashire may not be quite as exotic as the Indiana Jones option but when we are wearing our rose tinted glasses and in love, the location hardly matters :)

Mmmmmm! Scallops, my favourite :) :)

Cecilia is SO beautiful skis. Thank you for posting her photo.

Pleasure is all mine o2trees,but she will batter me for doing it as she hated having her photo taken..........x

Nice to meet your Missus, Mike. I'd like you to meet mine, no where exotic, just Sidmouth in Devon 2015.

when you live near Manchester Don,Devon is exotic!

A big warm welcoming hug to Cecilia skischool !!

What a beautiful lady with a very vibrant smile β€β€πŸ’™

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