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Hi, I had pneumonia in my left lung last December when I was 32 weeks pregnant and was hospitalised for a few days. It took about 8 weeks of coughing up phlegm before it went. As soon as I get a cold now it goes straight to it. Have had a couple of chest infections and my doc is reluctant to put me on antibiotics again. Has a chest X-ray on Friday and am awaiting results but am bringing up a lot of phlegm. Is this normal? Will I be bringing it up often now? Never had an issue before the pneumonia. Thanks

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If it were me I would be asking the GP to send of a sputum sample to see what you are growing and what it is senistive to. If it shows up infection then s/he has a duty of care to treat it with antibiotics.

An xray will show active infection and stuff like shadows.


Thanks, she took a sample of that too (unfortunate only a small one) which she sent straight off.

Thanks, hopefully the results will come back soon x

Good advice from cofdrop. Welcome to the forum. :)

Thankyou 😊

I am awaiting results from recent tests too numerous to mention at the mo. But that left lung pneumonia will not shift. I've had it since Dec 2016 and various antibiotics haven't shifted it. At one point I found it hard to breathe at all - but I think I'm slowly recovering. I often feel sick and can't eat much so keep us posted as to whether your pneumonia has gone, probably find with the demands of a baby you aren't resting as much as you should to recover.

Thankyou, it's an awful thing isn't it and I really hope you are getting over it now. I've had stints of feeling ok but I can feel where it was, that lung feels different. It is very hard, I have a 4 year old too so am knackered and stressed most of the time!

Will post the results, they said may have scarring but previous X-rays were inconclusive x

Pneumonia takes a long time to get over and with you having little person to take care of you must be exhausted. There will be scarring and if your tired your numerous chest infections will be a follow on from the pneumonia I hope you feel better soon baby looks wonderful congratulations 😚😚😚😚

Thankyou so much, he's such a cutie but it is hard with him and my 4 year old daughter. It's nice to have it written down how it's a long recovery as I feel like people don't believe me.. (am usually pretty strong but this isn't nice). Thankyou x

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