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I'm new here, but not to COPD - diagnosed in 2013 after a lifetime of smoking. Been through pulmonary rehabilitation and, mostly, under fairly good control at the moment. Interested to see and learn from other people's experience.

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A very warm welcome to you. I don't have your condition but there are lots on here who will be along soon I am sure.


Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

Hi Andy, Welcome. There's no need to crucify yourself with guilt and blame. I just finished responding to another member about this. I too smoked all my adult life and I said, "I helped make the cigarette companies rich and then I helped make the pharmaceuticals richer!" I must be honest and tell you that quitting smoking was the hardest thing I've ever done, period. I'm serious. When I wanted to smoke, I'd get on these forums and I would finally get past that craving. I tried to drink a lot of water during that time, to help flush the nicotine out of my body. Less nicotine, less cravings. In 2011, I was dx'd with lung cancer. I had a left upper lung removed, 4 rounds of chemo, then later on 5 rounds of radiation. I will be honest and say that I always knew that it would take something serious to quit....for good. Well, here I am. A little too late, but I have lived longer than most with lung cancer. I'm very blessed. You hang in there can do this! It's not easy...but you can do it. There are many members here with COPD they will share their experiences with you too. One other mention, when I was first dx'd with cancer, I couldn't sleep. I was a complete mess. I found a website support group on site helped me learn more, understand more and share more. I love this little support goup, but inspire seems to have lots and lots of topics to discuss. Hang in there Andy. We are here for you !!

You're an inspiration and I know that feeling of feeling to little to late.My older sister is in the later stages of COPD and she has no real quality of life as she spend most of her time on a CPAP and oxygen. Sadly even this did not stop me smoking .

Last Monday I decided enough not the best time as I am in the middle of a divorce and selling and buying a small cottage. I realised there is never a good time just the right time for yourself.

I was also diagnosed with COPD just over a year ago as I have been smoking for 45 years. Quit last Monday as my quality of life was mainly coughing and feeling breathless.So many infections, antibiotics and steroids but all would return six weeks later.

Well LynBurdon, have you seen a pulmonologist? (lung specialist) The fact of recurrent infections, antibiotics and steroids does sound like further diagnostic studies are warranted. Now look, I'm no doctor but these repeated illnesses do need to be checked out. I would ask for a pulmonologist, not a GP or PCP. Actually, I would demand one if they did not want to hear me. You are trying to conquer a lot at one time. Just don't set yourself up for a fall. I'll be rootin' for you!!

Thats the first time I've heard the word Pulmonologist.

Hello and welcome to the group. I'm sure that you'll benefit greatly from being a part of the forum. There are a lot of people on here with COPD.

Take care


Hi Andy and welcome to the forum. You'll learn a lot here, as I did and will make some good virtual friends at the same time. xx

I have smoked since I was 16.For most of that time, it was about 60 per day.I still haven't managed to stop smoking although I have stage 3 copd.I am due to begin a second period of pulmonary rehab.I wish I could cure this addiction.

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