Well AM Sick Of This BP Stuff OR Essential Hypertension

Well AM Sick Of This BP Stuff OR Essential Hypertension

Like really was doing ok FORGOT loads of things THEN when I was eating egg butty on brown bitty bread WITH scattering of black pepper my guts went on one.

As anyone else noticed guts trouble befour bout of hypertension I.e high blood pressure.

Anyway am not sure if was black pepper or that grass stuff ... But I know my guts went on one SO only natural way to lower blood pressure I know WAS to squeeze a number 2 out.

Well ant that what lay person's do BUT all seriousness think my doc should be doing tad more than watch n wait LIKE really what they waiting for me to have stroke or heart attack.

Anyway was reading and the say proper dark chocolate WITH no milk init what so ever lowers blood pressure WAS talking about them chocolate fountain pellets HOW true is guess all find out AS that's one think I can't won't forget.

The say it as something todo with triangu something or light chain's BUT interesting thing is my DNA test said I need to stay clear of stuffs with light chains in them.

When I checked my other arm to see if bp was even that was 145/90 lucky it went know higher.

So that's why did post AS am sick to death of it making me feel like ##%##

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The bp reading you've got in the picture is normal for me now, brought down from much higher by two meds. My GP seems quite content that it's now in that region.

Hi thats what a can't understand with mine its not really that high or sky high compared to some but whys it make me so ill.

Thats what i cant understand.

I don't consider your BP to be high at all. When mine was 210/120 the only symptom I had was a nose bleed.

Have you considered that your current symptoms might have nothing to do with your BP? Perhaps you have some food sensitivities or intolerances?

Defo plausible my gi doctor said had hypersensitive guts and white bread ihave most trouble with BUT also dont help doctors wont say how much is down to lung issues.

My GP said swallon guts was leacky vains bit like my legs was swelling up.

GP's Doing nothing is not option as is horrendus.

If you have leaky gut syndrome and gluton sensitivity this will make you feel really bad. Have you had an endoscopy?

You mention lung issues, may I ask what issues you have?

I cant have camra down guts or lungs given state of my lungs.

Have emphysema and bullea . Hyperinflation.Bronchitissais.granuloma. Honeycombing.

I did well really as i got both obstructive and restrictive lung diseases

I am sorry to hear about your conditions, I too have been diagnosed with both obstructive and restrictive lung disease so I know its not easy. Perhaps the spikes in BP are related to your lung disease?

I keep a symptom diary as having multiple conditions, symptoms often overlap. I write down what has helped or made the symptoms worse. It is a good tool to open up discussions with your doctor .

Hi cheers is defo good idea ... USALLY go's don't have time to go threw stuff so try limit you to one thing.

Like illness is that simple clear cut.

As to condition defo agree must be quite a bit of overlap .. am just hoping it's speed wobble.

Cheers n thanks for reply

You are right, it is notoriously difficult to get the tine you need to discuss complex health situations and polypharmacy.

You have already identified situations that make you feel bad. Try writing these down with a few questions and just hand the paper to your GP. I usually tell them that I don't expect an answer straight away which gives them the get out clause if they don't know the answers without losing face. However, I always give them a timeline to either respond by phoning me or I will make another appointment to discuss the responses.

Make sure they see that you have retained a copy, it makes it more difficult to ignore.

My previous husband Bob was sensitive to to bleached wheat flour and cows milk. We used an elimination diet to find this out. Flour would make his breathlessness worse and milk made his abdomen swell rapidly, putting pressure on his lungs and both causing real problems in breathing.

Do you ever use this site:


I use it for my blood pressure readings and it can sometimes be useful and reassuring.

Hi have been on few sites and its true a should not be as bad as i am as its not that high.

But makes me as sick as a dog HOW why i don't know.

I talk to doctors and say nothing apart from o we are worried about low blood pressure.

If you have a gut problem might be worth avoiding dairy and bread. I am now on rice milk, sunflower spread, soya ice cream etc. Takes a bit of getting used to, but helps me. Stopped bread because of yeast as I get oral thrush with antibiotics and steroids. The lack of bread has helped this.

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