Hi, good afternoon, just come from my consultant about my lung biopsies for pleural thickening & pleural effusion due to asbestos exposure, the good news was no sign of cancer yet thank God! but told to put in for civil damages, have any of you dealt with the National asbestos help line! they want to take my case on but the consultant said be careful who you go with, have any of you had help from them, many thanks Cory


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19 Replies

  • Hi cory43 - good afternoon.

    I would recommend getting in touch with any one of the national Asbestos Victim Support Groups on this site:

    They will have links to reputable companies and they also have a wealth of experience in dealing with all sorts of asbestos-related enquiries.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes,


    BLF Helpline

  • Thank you, Ben

  • Thank you , I am going to make a note of that. I had a considerable amount of exposure in my twenties.

  • If you get breathless tell your doctor about your exposure.

  • Yes, it is in my medical notes, thank you.

  • Sorry, can't help you with that one Cory, but wishing you the best of luck. XXX

  • Thank you, Pam

  • Hi Cory regards asbestos exposure and claims I at the moment am still on the fence at the moment. In the 50's most men took their todlers to work them while mom was busy poping babies. There were no creches and few could aford day care if they could even find one. Dad worked in thse carriage works in York then repairing railway carriage's and is well known asbestos was used as a form of insulation. There were pits of the dust from some repairs and as kids we never thought twice about roling in the stuff and throwing it at each other dads were happy because we were. Dad did make a substantial claim for asbestosis but I had to fill out the voluminous forms for him and bully him to keep going to tribunals after the first claim was turned down, it just seems a beggar something you worked hard most of your life with and you had to appeal three times for what was your due. I doubt you will have any problems your respiritory surgeon has reports on biopsie's. What cannot speak cannot lie.

  • Wow you was told to put in for damages,I have plural thickening was in contact with asbestos for 7years in the classroom I worked in ,on a windy day it would blow around and I would sweep it up before the children arrived .The nursery was closed because of asbestos .All I got from my consultant was you had TB as a child that can cause plural thickening

    You take care


  • They looked in my medical records to see if I ever had TB, But I didn't so they took me in hospital last week and collapsed my lung to take biopsies, they found the asbestos damage so told me to claim! , did you know there are about 17 teachers and children go down with asbestos lung disease every year due to the amount of asbestos in schools! If you're having trouble have a biopsy done to see if it's caused by asbestos it's a small op nothing to it, but could save your life, best of luck.

  • Thanks for that .think I will leave it consultant said a post mortem would be proof !!!!!

  • Newlands

    as far as I am aware (and I've done a lot of research) Pleural Plaques is only caused by asbestos exposure and no other cause!!

    I would query the cause of your pleural thickening ?

    Take care


  • Thanks for that

  • Can CAB give you advice as they know their stuff

  • Hi I had lung cancer due to using asbestos as a plumber and had my lung removed by 2 operations I tried to make a claim I sent for all my hospital records back in 1984 and the results of histology but even though I had it come back I 1994 after looking at my case it was refused on the grounds that it was the wrong sort of cancer ??? Also a friend of mine has plural thickening and was also refused on the grounds that it was not directly linked to asbestos and more to do with smoking all his life keep fighting and appeal best of luck mickmm

  • Hi Mick, yes pleural thickening can be caused by other things like a blow to the ribs , TB and a lot of other things, it's only having a biopsy taken to show if it was asbestos my consultant knew mine was asbestos related by just looking at the CT scan taken before I had the biopsy's taken, Good luck , Cory

  • We have been through this scenario and I would be willing to talk about it via pm if that helps, also do not forget to apply for Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit

  • Hi Cory

    If you were in a union they can sometimes help you (sometimes financially as well!!) to select a suitable solicitor but there is a lot of ambulance chasers out there? As Ben stated maybe the National Asbestos Victims Support Group should be your first port of call

    My friend has slight pleural thickening, I have pleural Plaques as well as asbestosis of the lungs. I have been fighting for 4 1/2 years for compensation and hopefully it may get resolved back end of this year or early next year (if I'm still here :( )

    I have so much proof of my condition it's unbelievable, which include the bloke I worked with dying of asbestos related lung cancer, and the aforementioned mate with pleural plaques (that is 3 people in a company of 9 with asbestos related conditions all of a similar age !!! ). Doctors reports, and engineers reports. But still the defendants refuse liability. That's why it's going to court .

    You need to employ a very proactive solicitor. I wish you all the best in your fight, and hope you have an easier fight than mine.

    Take Care


  • Thanks mate good luck to you.

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