Hello everyone.

My name is Derek. I'm 61yrs old and within the last three months I've been diagnosed as having COPD. I was a smoker until 1993 and I've always had a bad cough but the alarm bells started ringing last winter when my cough became so severe that it was causing me to pass out. Thankfully I've got an excellent GP with a more than competent staff to assist him. I've joined a COPD fitness group and I'm finding the exercise very helpful. I'm looking forward to hearing from others as to how they cope with COPD and will be looking forward to reading your posts.

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Hello. I just thought I'd say welcome. I know lots of lovely people with your condition will be along shortly to offer you their advice.

Thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing them.

Hi Derek It's sunny but with cool air here so my lungs feel happier because of it. Weather changes make things better or worse for me and when it's sunny I feel better generally ☀️

Hi Georgina. Nice to hear from you. I can relate to how you feel about the weather. Thankfully the sun is shining here too and the temperature is just nice for me. There has been some wet days of late and I've found that the dampness hampers my breathing so I am not looking forward to the winter months.xx.

Same here 😕

👋hello Derek hope your breathing good day & welcome & I hope lots off others & myself can help with your concerns @ questions . Myself since joining I have Not managed to have group who are simuliar to myself give their experience info to me in regarding pre transplant Anyway xDerek I hope you keep well & just chatting is also nice best wishes Bernadette xx

Thank you Bernadette. I'm going for my physio session in half an hour so that always helps my breathing . Unfortunately at this time I won't be able to help you with any information on transplants or what it is like to be waiting for one however if I happen upon anyone with a similar problem I'll certainly let you know. Thank you for acknowledging me and I look forward to further messages. I hope your day is going, and will continue to go well.xx.

Aww thankyou Derek best to do is keep your physio & try keep but active that helps . I go rehab but excerise & staff are lovely keep positive & smile wish you well good day . Am here & feel free to ask away no worry xx Bernadette x

Exercise is excellent for COPD also we need 3,000 calories a day as we use up more by breathing with this disease, sniffing Eucalyptus Oil or sucking Fishermans Friends (too hot for me) also help to clear airways if coughing due to dry throat always have a small bottle of water/squash nearly to take sips to moisten throat also medicated sweets when coughing gets out of hand (I suck Jakemans) Deep breathing with pursed lips when breathing helps, singing excellent also.

Thank you for the advice. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment so I'll have to rearrange my diet to suit the calorie intake. I didn't realise singing could help. I love singing but my partner does not like listening to me. She says I get carried away with the volume of my voice.lol.

I am the same as my voice is too high hope they get everything sorted soon I gave up smoking & was diagnosed with COPD 8 years after as it is a family disease!

It was not until recently that I found out it was hereditary. I wouldn't wish this on any of my family. Thankfully I'm the only one with it so far

Only the smokers in a family with COPD will have it I also have heart disease from my dads side

Thankfully my two sons and my daughter do not smoke so that is a relief. I am sorry to hear about the heart disease in your family. Have you a heart problem?

Atrial Fibulation with very high Hypertention dad had Malignant Hypertention might have it from him. Doctor said B/P affecting Heart & vice versa he put in for urgent Cardiologist app 23 May managed to get through to clinic appointment this week so have app 8th Sept op is due 11th going to keep app need new meds on 3rd Hypertension tabs as Surgeon want B/P lower! Should not be on the Heart meds I am on as they are dangerous for anyone over 60 & I am 65 it was my Colitis Specialist who told me & new Phamacist confirmed it that is how I was for Cardiologist app. Nearest hospital is 8 miles away get hospital transport, Cardiology Dept was closed in 2014 specialist comes down from Llanelli once a month no wonder so many people are dying of Heart disease here. Withybush has 2/3 beds for Heart patients in on emegencies then they go to another hospital for treatment!

You certainly seem to be going through the mill. I hope it all goes well for you and you get your medication sorted. Keep your spirits up and keep smiling. It is a sad case of affairs that the NHS has to keep closing hospitals to save money. I always think that patient welfare should be the first priority no matter what the cost.

Hospital still opened but the Cardiology Dept closed years ago so no one checked my heart meds we also lost a few other depts

A rather belated "hello and glad you have found us". No doubt we will chat very soon.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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