Hello from oregon

I'm camie, from Oregon looking for health support on conditions such as copd and empysemia that was never tested using the required test to confirm either conditions. I'm not sick, out of breath or otherwise experiencing symptoms associated with these conditions. Confused in portland


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10 Replies

  • Morning Camie, 3.22am here in Yorkshire. Welcome to this forum. No wonder you are confused. What leads you to think that you have COPD or emphysema? Has it been suggested by a doctor? There are many here with those conditions.

    All the best


  • I was told that by my primary after receiving hospital information from a hernia. I'm lost right now. Certainly I would be sick and feeling like others with the same diagnoses wouldn't i?

  • Certainly it is very strange I guess primary is the equivalent of our GP, can you go back to her/him and ask about the evidence? Is there any cause for a diagnosis of COPD? i.e. Are you a smoker or have you worked or lived in a toxic atmosphere?

    Let us know how it goes


  • I was a former smoker, quit nine months ago. Other than that the hospital only knew I needed a patch. As far as reason for testing came from that. I never asked or inquired about it. It was a shock to hear.

  • I was diagnosed with a hernia, however I wasn't given the right type of hernia diagnosis which prolonged my treatment. It was much worse than was we were told. I now have pig to patch the holes and five wire permanent sutures. The diagnosis of both copd and emphysema came out of the blue. Due to the incompetence we want the evidence as well.

  • It all seems very hard. So sorry. Has anyone apologised? Doctors don't seem to realise that by owning up and apologising for their mistakes makes a HUGE difference to the way we feel about things. And also cuts down massively on litigation.

  • Oh no kidding, unfortunately no we haven't received anything yet.

  • Welcome to you Camie hope this great forum will be of help to you. Xxxxx

  • Hello Camie, it is 7.35 in Uk West Midlands, Sun is shining. The illnessess you speak off cannot be diagnosed without specific tests. Sorry but I am confused too. Why do you need support? or do you need help and info to help others.? Or has a doctor diagnosed these things? I have COPD so feel free to ask questions about what you need support with, keep well and hope to speak again soon.

  • Hello again Camie, having read some of your replies the picture is now clearer, it would seem some sort of doubts have occured during your Hernia treatment concerning your lungs, some symptoms of COPD do not occur till later in the illness and the severity varies. I had a cough for many years but was only diagnosed with lung problems in 2009. Welcome to our site sorry I forgot to welcome you the first time, take care and hopefully things will become clearer in the coming weeks.

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