A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

As some will rember i did post about SHOCKING so called cancer treatment relative was geting.

Well as i sursepcted oncologist HAVE done nothing but give her faulse hope and ni chance of alterative therpy.

Well here's how story go's and how opinion perspectives are formed.

When she was told she had lung cancer 6 months ago after rank chest infection .. I Tried telling her about bacteria pills and how the better than hospital daft EGf pill ... even had scholar article links proving it.

But given false hope and the one egf pill she was perscibed AND told she can't try alteratives as it will interfer with treatment SO to restrain from such things SHE did ... and waited and waited for 3 months.

Only to be told when in hospital with breathing dificulties SHE as six to twelve moths to live and we are sorry but you have already had 3 months O and egf pill as not worked .

Talk about disapoited ... dont think that even comes close BUT i guess thats as good as cancer treatment get's these days.

I wish and hoped she would of just been TAD more proactive and not so accepting of conditiin or what was wrote down.

Given my own experiance / perspective i will not be so accepting nor will i except waiting round for 3 months nor will they BS me with palative care in guise of a qualify cancer treatment chance.


And that brings me to other subject AND research.

I recently read cancer waa a fungus but quickly dismised it as load of BS but the more a read the more i questioned AND more questions ansers it opend up.

Did you know YOU can catch cancer NOR did i BUT yes you can if immune compmorused.

I offten wonderd why bronchiatasas suffers had immunty issues AND excitic going's on ONLY to discover when i shown my lung doctor bit of my coughed up lung tissue when he said it was a collection of cells.

Thats when i thought it must be true cancer must be a fungus or bacteriea bit like THAT Streptococcal that hijack's your immunty.

So just like doctors accept is plausible to catch cancer i do too.

After all what is a colecton of cells in lung tissue if not cancer MUST be granuloma.

Clearly this more questions and more answers but in mean time i think guys boys lads should be given hpv vaccine.

After all what is there to FEAR unless they already know.

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23 Replies

  • Sorry to hear about your friend JAS but we do tend to listen to doctors without question. You stay safe and keep doing your research. Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Hi sassy cheers is devastating really like doctors care really THE just move on to next unsuspecting candidate MAKING clinical judgments mindful of eccomany pressures.

  • Morning Jeff, I do remember you posting about your freind. Wish your freind could be like me and survive to spite no all clear, however I guess not as they are being given certain drugs ect. Keep your research up but don't drown yourself in data making doctors actions even more confusing or treatment outcomes. Your picture is lovely, hope you and dad are wellish, you weren't so good last time we spoke. I'm off to cornwall on Saturday, the past twqo weeks have been disasterous in respect of my bathroom refurbishment, now my heating is coming on to suit its self, so may need engineers out when I get back. Doctors too and my dentures are chipped so need them repaired, its just one disaster after another this last month. Enjoy your day its lovely and sunny here Bye for now.

  • Hi Katie cheers am doing tad better as been bit ruff of late breathing with all mucus .. I think given your issues with heating bathroom .. I might of passed with STREES overload :)

    Dentures might of been tad to much information .. Lol

    Anyway enjoy your jollies in Cornwall n have shandy or baileys for me :P

  • will have a wee drop for you in Cornwall, would you like me to bring you a scone & cream back ? :) :) Coming to fit me an alarm system this afternoon in case of emergency no peace for the wicked as they say. Speak again next week when I get back Bye

  • Bronchiectasis sufferers have immunity issues because they can't clear excess mucus that has pooled in their flabby/scarred airways in their lungs thus allowing bacteria etc to grow fast. You really need to be careful what you're reading on the internet

  • Hi well am sorry to say but HPV virus as 1 - 18 strains and is implicated in cause Bronchiectasis and Other lung condition.

    Medical understanding is also advancing same as DNA research.

    UK gov said was not viable to vaccinate 4.000 boys with HPV vaccine given cost SIGHTING some bull as heard immunity will protect them.

    But when you read what EU & CDC say about heard immunity and immigration you know the talking bull as the all say it's public health crisis LOOMING

    So if it's not cost effective for 4.000 WELL a guess that's where public health crisis comes from

  • You've gone from cancer being a fungus now to the HPV which is a virus. I don't exactly understand your point.

    I'm interested in reading all points of view but please link some articles/research to back it up

  • Hi this lots that go's on why bacteria pills work better than hospital egf pills.

    Then Fungus bacteria good bad and they all have proteins.

    As to link's articles research its all there on net if you know what your looking for or at

  • I tend to stick to peer based research when i read up on articles

  • So do i but i widen my scope.

  • No point in widening the scope though Jeff if you're making claims that cancer is a fungus without backing it up. Ever think how that might bother someone with cancer?

  • Hi i should know as twice been told i had cancer also i due to have igm injections given lack of immuntyand as am still here cancer free is subject close to my own heart

  • I'm sorry to hear you've gone through that. I've had thyroid cancer and I'm now fighting a rare cancer that is destroying my lungs so it is a particularly sensitive subject and I do not like people making claims without backing them up.

    Wishing you good health

  • Hi sorry to hear about ya cancer BUT i belive in talking about things AS belive advancescan be made and comparison's can be draw.

    Guess like DNA advancesare being made.

    As to links i would of had to post quite a few and illness n lazy say's it all but information is out there.

    Take heard immuty i had never read out about that till researching BUT gov knew

  • I believe in talking about things too but it's negligent to make claims that cancer is caused by a fungus without proper research to back it up.

    There's no conspiracy re herd immunity. I bet if you ask most parents of young children they will know about it. It's how vaccines works. Not everyone can be vaccinated due to illness etc but if the majority do then the herd protects those that can't. The problem nowadays is that some people for one reason or another aren't vaccinating their kids so you lose herd immunity. You need 90/92% of the population to be vaccinated in order for herd immunity to be effective

  • You right about not everyonecan be vaccinated HAD to way things up myself given my immuntyIssues.

    Sure i respect your opinon but am sticking what what a said read as far as cancer being fungus.

  • vaccinestoday.eu/stories/hp...


    two of your fact sheets what a frightening subject

  • You're missing the point Anthony. Jeff made a claim that cancer is caused by a fungus- then skipped to HPV. My issue is with the fungus statement. I'm not interested in arguing about the merits or problems of the HPV vaccine

  • if my post slapped you in the face I appologise not intended

  • Hello Nik. Simoncini's an ex-doctor, who apparently admits to having been struck off because of his baking soda treatment. He was tried and found guilty of fraud and manslaughter in 2006 after a patient died after using his treatment (according to an article in Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra) Here's another article about him bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-d... There are many such on the internet.

  • I'm 100% with nfanning here. Also, I think it is wrong to make completely unsubstantiated claims about the causes of and cures for cancer (based on nothing except someone's "opinion" or the widely discredited therapy of a single man who isn't even a medical doctor.) If I had cancer, which thank god I do not, I'd be dreadfully upset.

  • Not just wrong but illegal.

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