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Here we go again!

Hi Folks,

I have stage 3 COPD

Had an extraction in April which resulted in lockjaw, severe infection, 3 days in hospital as emergency admission and 7 weeks of double antibiotics. Never quite recovered and had another chest infection last month. Since all of this, felt very weak and unable to do what I was able to do pre extraction.

Went to practice nurse yesterday, FEV1 at 26%, who sent me to hospital for xray and bloods, 30 mile round trip,not a word about am I able to do it (widow, on my own, but thankfully just passed my driving test recently). Point is, I told her how tired I was but she did not consider if I was able to go all the way there on my own.

Sometimes I despair.


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I think the trouble is that most hospitals and doctors presume you have access to a car whether it be friend or family.


Or a taxi; Or ring & ride; Or you phone up for an ambulance. Or phone 111 (NHS help line). The nurse/Gp generally haven't got time to hold your hand (although I've been waiting in reception for overdue appt while they discuss a hair tint ...) .

Speak up & ask for help - they may or may not ring a service for you but they'll point you in the right direction for sure.


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