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Gardening with oxygen.

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Hi! Looking for help from any other oxygen users on the page. I've been on ambulatory oxygen since January, and whilst it was difficult to accept at first, it's now just part of my everyday life. The only thing I struggle with is wearing the oxygen when working in the garden. I'm just wondering what other folks do with the oxygen bottle whilst they garden? I've been putting mine inside a Tesco bag to try and keep it clean while it sits in the ground, but I find the tubing really gets in the way and also gets quite dirty.

Any advice would be very gratefully received!

Judi 😊

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First to look at, a lot of providers are supplying the Imogen G3 portable unit goes to 5lpm on pulse only, with a back pack may have to self purchase and is suitable for your needs.

Second option ask for extension tube and flame trap connection. they are about 20 feet long. Rather than fit the cannul in the conventional way, put you head through the loop fit cannul with the tubing over your ears and the toggle at back of neck. You can wheel your oxygen to centre point,behind you and work in semi circle. With the tubing trailing behind.

When finished disconnect the extension, join both ends using the connecting piece and wash in bowl of water.

Continue with your short tubing till next time.

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JudiW18 in reply to stone-UK

Thank you- I'll look into that.

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skischool in reply to JudiW18

Judi, like you i am prescribed ambulatory o2 but your bodys requirements are dependant on how rapidly you desaturate it may be that you can do a little light gardening without the o2.If you are confident in measuring your own o2 saturation levels with a pulse oximeter and do not experience discomfort or increased breathlessness and can maintain your sats comparable to sitting on air it could be you are tolerant to a small amount of exertion/exercise without doing damage to your other organs,try running this by your respiratory nurse/consultant as i am just joe public and would never dream of putting your health at risk with unqualified advice.I tend to think of my o2 friend as an assistant rather than a controller of my activitys.much love......skis

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JudiW18 in reply to skischool

Hey, thanks for replying. I'm fairly crap at anything that exerts me without my oxygen, but will certainly chat to my resp team and see what they think.


go on line sort for small shopping trolley been using one for long time not only holds oxygen but handy pocket for my purse or buy what looks like golf cart rather pricey though compared to trolley

I use a folding boot trolley which fits O2 and handbag and shopping. Couldn't manage without it.

Hi Judi ,I got a backpack off the people who deliver the oxygen very handy for housework or gardening and it was free .

I can't cope with the back pack, too heavy for me to carry. I put my cylinder in a shopping trolley, I bought a decent sturdy one and drag it around the garden with me. I use a long tube and keep it for gardening only. If it gets dirty it doesn't really matter as long as nasal part is kept clean. I find I'm able to garden as usual, I've also got several plastic garden chairs strategically placed so as I can have a break now and then, if I'm feeling good and working in a particular spot then I do disconnect myself from the oxygen. I have good days and bad days and some days i manage to garden without the aid of an oxygen cylinder. I love gardening, it's my main hobby and it isn't something I'm prepared to give up, well not yet anyway. Good luck and happy gardening, Joy.

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