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Asthma with constant chest infections


Right, this is where I am at. Been back to the doctors this evening, chest infection still on going. He as given me yet another antibiotic clarithromycin, more oral steroids, he as taken me off my fostair saying it's not managing my asthma and given me another a powder one,symbicort. Told him I am at the end of my tether with the constant infections and I would like a referral. To the bronc clinic. He was lovely said he didn't think I had the bronc illness I can not even pronounce mentioned in the replies to my other posts lol. But he is sending me for an x-ray. He said it should show up if I have that complaint and take it from there. Asked if it would show up on x-ray wether I have an infection or not he said yes. So off for an x-ray tomorrow afternoon

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oh dear. Bronchiectasis has be diagnosed by ct scan. It won't show up on an xray but an infection will. Your GP cannot rule bronchiectasis in or out and it does need a bronchiectasis specialist to do this. I am so sorry. Why oh why do so many of our GPs refuse to acknowledge that they need specialist help when they are so obviously failing to treat a patient effectively.

Linnet711 in reply to Hidden

Oh no 😕 I have to have the x ray tomorrow but now I know this. I will keep pushing for a referral, thank you x

cofdrop-UK in reply to Linnet711

Absolutely what littlepom said. Yes an xray will show up an infection or shadow but very unlikely to show up bronchiectasis. You can only get that definiative dx with a ct scan. Don't allow this (no matter how lovely he is) doc to fob you off. Have the xray by all means but then push for a scan.

Good luck.

love cx

Linnet711 in reply to cofdrop-UK

I certainly Will. Codrop-uk thank you, I asked if I could come to see him for results of x-ray in a week, he said to just telephone but I will be going back down and pushing for a ct scan

Hidden in reply to Linnet711

good for you. Keep pushing. It's your health at stake.xx

helenlw7 in reply to Hidden

I was sent for an x-ray after I 12 weeks of coughing and asthma meds making no difference. A shadow on my lung showed up and I was referred to a lung specialist. She suspected bronchiecstasis and sent me for a ct scan to confirm her diagnosis. She was right and was given various inhalers. She then referred me to the difficult asthma clinic - difficult because the asthma is difficult to control! I'm still a patient of that clinic and still being difficult. I have had every med they can offer except a new biological drug. I can't have that because my lungs apparently aren't bad enough, and I'm already on a biological for RA. I've had a chest infection since March. I'm on my fourth antibiotic and had various steroid doses. Good luck with getting a bronchiecstasis consultant, and with clearing up your infection.

Linnet711 in reply to helenlw7

Sorry to hear you have had all this going on, and thank you I'll keep pushing

I certainly will now you good people have armed me with this info, thank you


Sorry to hear that your infections don't seem to clear up, had the same problem with loads of courses with anti B's & steroids. I'll go with the rest you do need to get CT scanned for your GP to go any further. Try to get him to put you on carbocisteine this helps to get the mucus up because in that mucus the bugs love to grow and give you infections. Get rid of some/all the mucus you may feel better.


Linnet711 in reply to lKeith

Thank you Keith I think it's the mucus I have a real problem moving. Just this last hour had x-ray. Going call to see him for results will tell him refer me for ct scan and ask him for those tabs. This is my 3rd lot of antibiotics and second lot of steroids and a new inhaler what do you guys use to stop the steroid inhalers giving you a very sore mouth? And thank you Keith

Ksb6420 in reply to Linnet711

Linnet711, make sure you rinse your mouth out really good after each use. If that doesn't seem to help I would talk to your doctor. I use a nebulizer with steroid medication and if I don't rinse good I end up with thrush, which isn't good!

Thank you, my fella got some cordistol mouth was so been using that so not as sore as it was

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