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Jeremy Clarkson Pneumonia

I'm sure you will have seen this article about Jeremy Clarkson catching pneumonia and is in hospital.

My hope is that maybe a celebrity facing a struggle with breathing 'might' raise awareness for lung diseases generally.

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He's a very heavy smoker

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I didn't know that.

saw a headline on Lorraine that Ronnie Wood diagnosed with lung cancer. Oh dear.

Yes and read he refused chemo as he didn't want his hair to fall out

don't quite understand what they wanted to give him chemo for. IV antibiotics are the treatment for pneumonia. On Good Morning Dr Hillary was talking about it and he said that people who smoke and drink heavily are at a bigger risk of catching pneumonia. I hope that at least some of his smoking fans think about this and that he makes a full recovery.

sorry nfanning, I got mixed up and thought we were back to Jeremy. Lets hope that Ronnie is ok.

Oh sorry I meant Ron! I think he had surgery and has recovered from it now

Some one with notoriety as Jeremy yes and I am sure he will set a trail for those with severe lung conditions. Hope you get well soon Jeremy.


What does one have to do to become a Celebrity? Appear on TV? Assault people? EDITED


Sad that some tend to critisise the guy without perhaps some fatcs:

2007 Clarkson became a patron of Help for Heroes.

2008 Clarkson stepped in as a celebrity drummer for Chipping Norton School’s Jazz Band, and then signed his drum for a charity auction.

His "outbursts" added to his "value" as a celebrity - for those who have met him will know that this is not the real Clarkson but an actor (and based on comments a very good actor!)

I wish him well, know he smokes even heavier than I did, and hope he has a speedy (and full) recovery. Should he be unfortunate enough to join our ranks I'm confident than he would become an ambassador for the cause!


Why do people on the Internet think it's ok to be critical of people they haven't met, and don't know.? Is it a lack of manners, or the security of anonymity?


I have had to edited or delete several responses due to negative comments about an individual. Please remember:

"The site is not a place to name and shame, or to post negative feedback on individuals."

I have also had to remove several replies which were insulting or challenging to other members. Let's keep it polite please.

"Members should be respectful and... insults will also not be tolerated. There will be a zero tolerance approach to such posts. The posts will be deleted. Repeat breaches will result in the person responsible having their account suspended or being banned entirely. If you don’t like the way a member responds to you, ignore and report the post. If you respond to a negative post, you could leave yourself open to having your account suspended."


JC is a fellow sufferer and therefore we give him support .


It's annoying that the media is portraying his illness as a consequence of his smoking and drinking. As many of you know, I myself got struck down with bad pneumonia this year and a parapneumonic effusion that needed several drains. At 32 too. Don't drink, never smoked, exercise every single day. Well did, haha. Everyone is at risk. EDITED

He seems to have quite a mild form, as he's well enough to post pics of his cannula on social media. I hope he gets well soon, with no lasting ill effects. I didn't know he's a heavy smoker. Maybe he'll become an evangelist for giving up!


I think Jeremy Clarkson is fab and I wish him a speedy recovery

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