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Wheezing again

Can Anyone out there tell me why my wheezing disappeared for a few days and is now back again, I'm coughing again, and crackling noises in my windpipe again. I felt almost ok for two whole days. I'm still waiting to have a lung function test and a diagnosis on what ever it is that I've actually got. Also how can i relax and stop thinking about breathing, I have a job to forget about it, then it's hard to think of anything else, or watch the TV, or do anything really, its on my mind all the time.

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Lots of things can influence wheezing, like air humidity, or allergens in the air, or an infection that you overcame and then another has come back. Hopefully once you have the lung function test and a diagnosis, you'll have a better idea of what's going on and how you can improve things. Let us know how you get on.


Hi Marrigold, a big % of people that have wheezing is from asthma. Often times doctors will give you an inhaler to help open up your bronchus; sometimes they give you steroids such as prednisone. Sometimes wheezing and crackling sounds could indicate something else. As far as a PFT, it's really a good test. It's not uncomfortable and it doesn't hurt. The respiratory therapist or technician will administer the test. They measure your breaths with and without albuterol. That is the active ingredient in an inhaler. Follow your doctor's instructions and quit worrying so much. Worrying will give you wrinkles. You are going to be fine. I'm no doctor, but I have had these same things and a couple of the PFT's.


Hi There, Thanks for your message, it really helped, as I'm new to this condition, and am feeling quite anxious right now as I don't know much about it, and I reckon its the worse thing ever not being able to breathe right. I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow with the nurse, although it's only for blood tests tomorrow, and a BP test, then an appointment will be made for the lung tests after that as my BP was too high to have them when i went last. Thanks again.

Kind Regards from Marrigold


Hi Again, well I went to see the nurse, but my BP is still too high so they are sorting that out first now. And I'm to keep on with my inhaler.




I had trouble with wheezing after multiple chest infections. I saw the consultant who has prescribed a new inhaler for me, possibly for asthma. After 2 days the change is remarkable!!

I can breath deeply for the first time in months!!

They will find something to help you.


Thanks for that, I hope they do find out why I'm wheezing, its still ongoing, they seem to be worried about my blood pressure more than my wheezing, but with me it's the other way round as the wheezing is getting me down, although I do have a blue inhaler to use, so that help I suppose. Thanks for your message.

ind Regards from Marrigold


Well Marrigold, Let's see....I know you are concerned about your wheezing and I would be too. When you said "They care more about my BP than my wheezing, it rang a bell with me.

When I went back to the surgeon for my check up after lung surgery, (when he removed my left upper lobe from cancer) I recall him saying...."You're heart is really racing! It's trying to compensate for the missing lung." Then he said," When you follow up with your primary care doctor, tell him I said to change your BP medication to one with a beta blocker." So Marrigold, my BP was higher than it should have been since my operation. This leads me to think if they can get your BP under control, then they can work on the wheezing. It is your lungs that causes your heart to race, which could leave you short of breath and they have to do first things first. I'm no doctor, but I still think you could possibly have an asthma problem. When do you go back to your doctor again? There are numerous reasons people can wheeze. Sometimes it is asthma, sometimes it can be from inflammation or from airways being constricted. Therefore, inhalers are helpful to open you up as well as steroids. Unless you feel very short of breath, or for instance cough up blood, then I would definitely go to the nearest emergency room; otherwise, I would go back to my primary care doctor for further evaluation and use my inhaler in the mean time. In case they didn't tell you, as always, rinse your mouth out after using inhalers. They can, but not always cause thrush. I'm like you....I have enough problems so I rinse my mouth out every time. Lord knows, I don't need any more problems. Let us know when you see your doctor again.


Thanks for that info, I will do.

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