Bad penny

Bad penny

Not been posting for a while, not been great more tests leading to more tests and I do get a bit fed up from time to time but I am picking myself up and getting back to doing a bit more. I have even booked tickets for a concert in September I just hope I can sit long enough to enjoy it I have end of row seats so I can go out if needed without bothering anyone. I thought some of you would like my latest photo of Cooper he often sits like this but usually facing the wall. He is such a character he is a very bright spot in my life.

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Lovely to hear from you Rosabeth and hope things improve for you. Cooper looks amazing and he's clinging on there. Made me smile. Xxxxxx

Cooper's looking very comfy - handsome puss! Good to hear that you're starting to do things again, hope you'll enjoy the concert when the time comes. It's good to have something to look forward to.

Awe he looks so cute :-)

Such a handsome fellow. I can never resist a tabby :)

Wow! Another tabby that does what my tabby does. Great photo of Cooper.

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