Hi not been here for a while

Hi, I haven't been here for a long while , hope everyone is as well as can be expected.

I am 58 years old was diagnosed with COPD in 2012 and have spent the last 5 years trying to get to grips with it ,I know this is my own fault caused by smoking , I gave up for 4 years but since then have drifted back on and off in the last year or two and at this moment in time I am having a very hard time trying to kick it ,I constantly berate myself and I know that this habit is only making me worse ,I'm scared and if I am honest I have been since the day I was diagnosed sometimes I feel like giving up, I took early retirement on medical grounds, which has helped in lots of ways.

I don't want to be negative and make you all feel depressed so I will stop droning on about me .

If anyone has any advice on how to give up and stay given up from smoking I would be very grateful ,please don't give me a hard time because trust me no one can give me a harder time than I do to myself.

Many thanks for listening and I hope that I can get to know some of you it will be good to share experiences with people who actually know what I am talking about .

Cales xx

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  • Hello Cales I found it was the hand to mouth habit rather than actually smoking ,I used the inhaler to stop (nicorect) then i would use the empty inhaler as a hand to mouth tool ,it took a while but did it for me

    Take care


  • Is that the one that you spray into your mouth to stop the craving?

  • No it's like a cigarette holder when the cartridge finished I rolled a tissue up and put it in that way you still get a pull like a cigarette

    Hope thar helps

  • Did you get that on prescription or buy it from a shop ?

  • I got it on prescription but that was a long time ago think I spelt niccorette wrong .


  • Ok I might ask for that then , the spray that I have is supposed to just spray into your mouth but I guess where I am used to using inhalers when I spray it I have a tendency to inhale and boy that stings big time and has put me off using it :-|

  • Good luck

  • I used the patches. others have used different methods and it is about finding one that suits you. There is an excellent quit site on HU where you can get support. Try here: healthunlocked.com/quitsupport (you can join both).

    Try not to stress too much. You can do it. :)

  • Thank you I will have a look anything is worth a go .....I keep telling myself that I done it for 4 years then I can do it again ...... I gave up 2 years before I was diagnosed with COPD as with many of us I guess I though that after giving up the breathlessness I was suffering would just go away but after 2 years it was still there which prompted me to go to the Doctors done a test and was shown that I had lost almost 50% of my lung capacity :-( so why on earth after 4 years did I go back to the evil weed I get so angry with myself :-(

  • Been there. Behind you is the evil cloud of poisonous smoke (which has been pretending to be your best friend and supporter while it robs you of your health). Ahead is sweet, clear air. Look forwards now, not back. One step at a time.

  • Been there,done that,I was diagnosed 5 years ago,went into denial big time.Like you I quit went back quit again etc.18 months ago my son bought me an e-cig. I have gradually reduced the nicotine levels in the oils and found it worked for me,no cigarettes since.It may work for you too,Good luck and keep at it.

  • Is that the same as the one that Newlands (Dorothy) has used ?? I am considering trying that , I tried vaping but after I inhaled the steam or whatever it is it never came back out which concerned me lol , or is the e.cig you have suggested is that the one that actually looks like a cigarette ?

    Cales (Lesley)

  • I have tried both,the one I use now is the vaping one.

  • Hello and welcome. Many of us have been in the same position as you, and also gone through the guilt and the "what ifs ". Stop beating yourself up, as if it were that easy there wouldn't be all these aids available. Everyone is different, but the thing that worked best for me was vaping (ecig). I wish you the best of luck with it, please let us know how you're getting on.....and be kind to yourself. 😊😊😊

  • Hi cales, I like you was diagnosed with c o p d, emphysema and bronciectisis, I get very angry and frustrated with myself at failing to give up smoking, in fact since have to finish voluntary work due to my health i find I am smoking more, probably due to been unable to get out and about any more. I have tried just about everything so I totally understand how you feel. I get that fed up that I just wish everything was over and done with. I really hope you find a way of succeeding, have you tried tablets from your GP, although it does depend on other medication you are taking. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

    anne x

  • Yes when I gave up for 4 yrs it was with champix worked a treat but after a relapse I tried it again and it didn't work :-( it's one big vicious circle I get anxious about not being able to breath or do things that I used to be able to do and what do I do? I go and smoke :-( its a nightmare , I don't want to carry on like this there are so many things I don't do these days because of breathlessness although stopping smoking isn't going to make me better it will probably make breathing easier , I'm going to try the inhalator and see how I get on with that, because I really do have to stop ! .

    How is your breathing ? as your still smoking , do you struggle ? as the day goes on and I start to get tired it gets worse ,if I eat a big meal it affects my breathing , walking upstairs makes me breathless and for last 6 months or so when I get breathless I start to panic and all sorts of things start to happen then notably losing control of my bladder :-( how embarrassing , I have started to hunch my shoulders up and feel like I never fully relax seem to be in a permanent state of tension , sorry to go on and on :-)

    Thanks in advance for listening

    Lesley xx

  • I know exactly how you feel, I have a nebuliser 4 times a day along with other meds, I get breathless everyday doing the smallest things, if fact, I spend most days in pj's as just too tiring to get dressed, never mind having a shower. I too have problems with food and breathing yet the doctor doesn't seem to 'get it', I have gone form a healthy 8 half stone down to 6 stone 6oz, I have gone for last few months forcing myself to have very small portions of food, e.g 1 piece of toast and can now manage at least one proper meal a day but I have to time it right when I know I can rest if needed after, it does help if you can walk slowly around after eating, not easy when you can't breath, but it does make a difference.

    I am 59 and live alone with no support, it is so embarrassing at home as I can't do the house work, the place is a mess, especially when getting home shopping delivered. I nursed my dad through the same illness so I know what the future brings which doesn't make things easier, he smoked until the end and I quite often think it's too late now to do anything, I'm sure at some point you have felt the same.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to quit for good, you lungs are in a better state then mine, (last I asked 31%,) so will really make a difference.

    Never apologise for how you are feeling, you can always say what you need to on here, you are in the right mindset to give up whereas I'm not at the moment, you can do it. xx

  • annemarie58 please contact your local social services department and ask for an assessment of need. This can often result in you being offered funding to get someone to help with housework, shopping, ironing, etc. I know several members who have successfully done this. Do ask. :)

  • Hi thanks for reply, I have asked for assessment before and was told wasn't eligible unless I need help with getting in/out of bed, they just sent me lists of cleaners, handymen, Wiltshire foods etc,

    I will ask again and see how I get on

  • Why not ring the helpline for some advice before you ring social services? You will get them on 03000 030 555 during office hours.

  • Just glad you're in touch with us again. Judge you? HAH!!! If I should I'm a fool. We all make mistakes and must continue trying to learn from them. We are a stubborn lot, and addiction, even as it murders us, is a tough nut to crack. Keep on with us and we/you shall see what we do/did.

    Peace friend.

  • Oh...and quit support website is very good. It's one of my communities listed in healthunlocked. many of us are on both. quite helpful

  • First off, stop giving yourself a hard time, just keep trying. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to stop as long as you do. I've been off the cigs for almost 6yrs but there's not 1 day goes that I don't want 1 not 1 day in all that time. The reason I don't have 1 (health aside) is because I don't want to go through the quitting again. Hardest thing I've ever done. So allow yourself to be OK with how things are and set a time limit for when you're going to try again. Do whatever it takes to keep off em when you quit next time. As I say for me it's the whole cycle I'm avoiding. Not having 1 just because I want one feels good. Best of luck for whenever you decide, remember though, you can do this x

  • Hi, I couldnt stop and couldnt stop and couldnt stop smoking, and then I was staying woth friends, who I knew wanted me to stop, and I also found a Hypnotherapist who I really liked and gave me a series of sessions. we met initially for free to see if we would get on.

    I still did not think I could stop and did not know that I was doing the actual stopping session. However at end i felt really different, like something really Shifted, and I was a non-smoker. Haven't had a ciggy since though it was also really hard work going through some of the incredible withdrawal..... was diagnosed with COPD 6 months later.. it came on quite fast in some really wet weather. However, I reckon if I had not stopped I would probably be dead by now... I want to live!

  • I really hope you can do this.. it is important to find someone you like...Hypnosis does have a success rate...

  • Cales, being honest with yourself is a great start! I can't tell you how to quit, but I can share with you what I did. First off, my oncologist told me "When I see you again, you had better be through with those cigarettes!!" It was bittersweet. I knew I should quit...but I LOVED to smoke...I just hated it wasn't good for me. In fact,because of what my doctor said, the tone of voice she used....I wasn't sure I liked her or in fact, even go see her again! So, I had to start somewhere. I went to my local pharmacy and bought me some cigarette gum--fruit flavored and sugar free. It was 4 mg. I don't know if that is available where you are---I sure hope so! So I bought that gum and I would bite it in half, and save the other half. (that would save money by making the gum go farther) Anyway, I would chew it slowly and park it between your gum and jaw. When I really wanted to smoke, I would chew that gum some more. I always had a cold bottle of water when I used the gum. The nicotine would burn my throat. Eventually I was able to chew regular gum instead of the cigarette gum. Days went by, then months went by...and here I am---the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Seriously! One of the first things I did, was put a 'No Smoking" sign on my front door. I had to live by that rule too. Another thing I did was no smoking in my car. That was definitely hard!! Now that is how I quit and there are a few other things I'd like to share with you. In 2011, I had a left upper lung removed. Then I would say 3 or 4 years later, I need the surgeon to remove my right lung due to another tumor. Well, the COPD was so bad in that lung...they could not do the surgery! I've been quit smoking for 6 years. I ended up quitting smoking and telling everyone I know----please stop smoking. You could be in my shoes. I'm not considered a surgical candidate. In case of an emergency, like if I fell,I'm screwed. (I can't have surgery) So Cales, I said all that, to say this: I know personally 4 women that died between 10/16 until now from COPD. They absolutely would not quit smoking and it killed them. It is frustrating that cigarettes kill, but the reality is they do! If I have said just one thing to help you, then I feel like I've been blessed. May God bless you and may you find peace.

    God Bless You!

  • Sometimes hearing how it is can be a good thing thank you girliegirl your blunt honesty has given me something to think about , I will let you know how i'm doing :-)

  • Poor you

    I am a confirmed addict. However, I gave up with Champix and manage to keep craving at bay by taking a low maintenance dose. Don't beat yourself up and don't give up giving up

    Good luck

  • Thank you, I have bought an inhalator now I have smoked today so will start to use tomorrow and hope it works :-) I hate that I can't seem to get the will power back I had when I gave up in 2009 , I will keep trying to give up though a I know I need it :-) .....a big thank you for the encouragement

    Lesley (cales)

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