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I'm going to be in a clinical trial on a particular high blood pressure med that has already shown some positive results in slowing progression of COPD and maybe even reverse some damage.

I will not know if I'm getting the med or a placebo. And it is a year long trial. I do not have high blood pressure and will not cause HBP, in case I do get the med. Fortunately, I work near Duke University where they are doing the trial as well as a few other select states.

It is call LEEP trial iif anyone else stateside may be interested. I'm not getting too excited yet, but it would be awesome if it does prove to be effective with minimal side effects. I'll come back here and post any information & progress that may be of interest. Wish us all good luck 😋

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  • Good luck to you (and all the rest of us)!

  • 🙏 thanks!

  • I look forward to hearing of your progress.

  • Thank you

  • As someone who has suffered with high BP for many years and who has tried numerous meds to control it, I will follow your progress with's good that people like yourself take these trials so that treatment for this often - hidden, but dangerous condition can be improved. Good luck Donabelle.x.

  • Look forward to following your updates. Good luck.

  • Very best of luck to you all and look forward to hearing more xx

  • hi and thanks for volunteering to do this for us.

    ive been suffering from high blood pressure for some years now and its always been a concern to me,

    i do very much wish you all good luck.

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