Ambulatory Adventures part 2

Had to go to London again to attend business meet with suitably expensive French lawyer,Journey out from Manchester accompanied by my newly acquired american girlfriend Inogen3 she's only nine inches tall but she's given me a new lease of life was very comfortable in Virgin train but ambling around the underground system was very tiring as lots of stairs and not enough lifts,Stayed in suitably expensive London hotel(£300 a night without breakfast)if you don't get internet deal.Had pot noodle for dinner in room as could not afford restaurant prices,Anyway meet over breakfast was concluded and return to Manchester similar to journey out.Breathing at all times was mostly good,only needed a few rests but on return to home Monday evening and in extreme discomfort i booked into suitably unimpressive A&E and after 5 hour wait ,bored porter posing as doctor? actually listened to my self diagnosed hernia with customary over the shoulder stethoscope they all carry as a badge?he confirmed Inguinal hernia and said nothing they could do so next morning i visited GP and am now awaiting referral for consultant and op.

Moral of the story is beware Lawyers used to cost you an Arm and a Leg now it seems perhaps with inflation they also rip your guts out?

Hypoxic challenge 'Fitness to Fly' test tomorrow at Wythenshawe hospital,suitably impressive Lung clinic nurse has arranged hospital transport as i am a bit too delicate below for driving.

Hernia free Scruffy sends her love and dutifully used litter tray during my short skis

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  • What a palava ski but £300 per night without breakfast! What's that about! Glad you are going to get the hernia sorted and well done to Scruffy for being so good. Xxxx

  • thats the price of a london hotel at the weekend.i managed to get an online deal but still cost £130 b&b shocking,had i been more mobile i could have got an hotel in Elstree 10 miles away which is where i used to live for £50.No idea how long the hernia referral process is but probably many months so may have to bite bullet and go private on that as well.oh well whinge over love to all

  • Oh my goodness - you have been busy, good job you had your lovely girlfriend there to watch out for you and keep you company. So, you've seen how the other half live in their oh so expensive hotel rooms, what d'ya reckon - if I pick up a winning lottery ticket this weekend, is it worth the hassle of getting there? Hope your fitness to fly test goes well, also hope you'll be able to get the hernia sorted out - sounds very painful. Glad to hear that Scruffy isn't similarly afflicted- and that the litter tray isn't being ignored. My own moggy is indisposed at present and has to take ab's twice a day for ten days - I was dreading it but lo and behold, she likes them and seems to see them as little treats. Such a relief!

  • i do hope your "unnamed"moggy gets better rapidly and glad she is taking her meds as little treats,they are a complete pain (moggys not meds)but delightful at times,,,,,x

  • sorry i forgot,i would not give you a thank you for London and i was born there!,,,,,,

  • Surely you have that the wrong way round? Didn't you mean 'they're completely delightful but a pain at times'? My cat is Annie and thankfully she's already much better than she was yesterday, she has cystitis. I couldn't live in London I like the theatres - but the traffic is horrendous........and the prices.

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