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Help please

Hi everyone I am new here my go send me for a chest ct scan about 2 mouths ago I received a later to day, on the later says 1 ct scan of the chest is reassuringly normal apart from some elements of emphysema in his upper zones . 2 His bronoscopy was also normal and microbiology is negative. 3 autoimmune profile is negative . I have not idea what this mean dose this mean I have emphysema ? Help please very confused I can not get a appointment with my gp for 3 weeks . I was a smoker and I am 30 years old male

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Hello Albert 1

It can be scary when something is wrong with you, as specially you are young, you will be alright now you have given up smoking. I am sure you will be O K . Wait until you see the doctor, he will tell you what to do. In the mean time , eat health and go for long walks and don't worry we on this sight have been there and know what it's like but it will be fine

LoveMarie 22


Hey your GP must have had a copy of the same letter . You can ask them for a triage call and they can explain to you in a more understanding way than the wording of the letter. If you feel you can't wait for appointment times 3 weeks is a long time to wait for an appointment. Try calling them and explain why your concerned xxx


yup, emphysema visible on the Xray confirms lung damage; the disease is otherwise a clinical diagnosis based on shortness of breath and reduced ability to move air on lung function studies. Some folks with abnormal Xrays have very few symptoms. If you stop smoking, your lung damage stops.


1albert nobody on this site can give you a diagnosis on the info presented to you,none of us are qualified to do so.Please avail yourself on our sites help line who will i am sure be able to reassure you whilst you wait for your gp's intervention or advise,good luck.....skis



Welcome to the forum. It's good that you have given up the cigs, keep off them. The report seems quite good really but do take note that you have signs of emphysema. This is not the end of the world, many on this forum have far worse conditions and have had fulfilling lives do not get down and do no read the the rubbish on the net. Keep yourself fit, exercise, eat a well balanced diet and enjoy life. Get regular checks with your GP and get on the practices list for COPD, they will keep an eye on you and give you regular tests/checks.


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