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Reality Check: Who should take statins?

Should you be taking statins? Research from Harvard University suggests "almost all" men over 60 and women over 75 should be doing so in order to help prevent heart attack and stroke.

But the Royal College of GPs has raised the alarm saying this could lead to some older people being prescribed the drug unnecessarily. Its chairwoman, Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard said: "It is not clear that every 60-year-old man or 75-year-old woman is going to benefit from statin therapy."


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Hello 2greys, my doctor wanted me to take them as preventative medicine I said no as I feel the side effects outweigh the benefit in my case especially as my cholestryl is good for my age and I am not a female over 75. My daughter and son take them and they are both under 55 with high cholestryl. We have to take enough drugs to control our illnesses anyway in my opinion.

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I have been taking them for a year now, I have mild circulation problems in the heart and Peripheral Cardiovascular Disease, so a good thing for me and I don't get any side effects.


I have been taking stations for a couple of years now and my cholesterol levels is now 2.9. It was over 6 before. I haven't had any side effects but make sure you have regular blood tests as they can affect the liver

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My GP is on the ball. I already have an appointment for bloods in February. But thanks for your reminder :)


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