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tribunal today appealing 0 points after WCA despite grade 4 COPD


hi I have to attend a tribunal today for an appeal against the DWP as I was declared fit for work after an assessment in Jan, I have COPD grade 4 as well as anxiety & depression. I wasn't scored any points at all, I paid £30 for my GP to write supporting letter but was told by the DWP " the health care professional's report bears more weight" I have provided all the information I can all I can do now is hope the judge is more understanding than the DWP & says I can stay on ESA cos I really couldn't cope with a job. any advice anyone on how to get the judge on my side?

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That is a total disgrace and a doctors letter should carry much more weight than any report! The judge will hopefully listen to you and your GP. Remember to always relay how things are on your worst days when your breathing is very bad, you can't walk far etc. Good luck to you. Xxxxx

tannie in reply to sassy59

, Make sure you explain clearly your worst days and nights. Use any inhaler when you are in at interview. Do not be afraid (like I was) to use it and ask for moments rest. Check what dates are on the letters from consultants, doctors etc . One of the letters from one of my consultants was dated 3 years previous although there were more recent ones stating health had deteriorated.

Best advice anyone can give is just tell the truth and it can't come back on you . Good Luck

I wonder how long the DWP hired Health Professional's training was compared to that of your GP.

I know who I would trust more to know your needs.

Thinking of you today.

You don't need to have chronic illnesses to want to give up the will to live! You just need to be dealing with officious bureaucracies such as this, but sadly it seems to be the way of the world now in all walks of life. Anybody would think the money was coming out of their own pockets - if they just had to spend one day of struggling to breathe along with anxiety as well I'm sure they would be allocating points somewhat differently. It will never cease to amaze me how the professionalism of doctors is questioned and overlooked in disciplinaries, tribunals etc. What is the point of asking for evidence if it is so summarily dismissed? They pay lip service, that's all.

I wish you all the best today.

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