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Where can I hire 2 litre oxygen for a flight

Hi guys.

I have just had a fitness to fly test due to my COPD. The outcome was I can fly however need to have 2 liters of oxygen to help me. I live in Croydon London and fly on the 23rd of August I do not have a clue how to hire the cylinders and wondered if anyone can please advise.

I have checked with Easyjet and although they do not supply it I can take up to 2 cylinders with me.

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You are probably best hiring a portable concentrator, providing you can use pulse flow delivery system.

I would recommend a machine that goes to 3lpm. There is no guarantee that the settings are equall to lpm.

Never seen any medical oxygen cylinders for hire in U.K.

You will need a copy of your oxygen prescription from your respitory nurse, or the person who carried out the test.

information from easyJet.


Oxygen concentrators (either mains or battery powered) are permitted on board - you will need a medical certificate confirming the concentrator is required for medical reasons and that you are fit to fly. Batteries will have to be used if you need oxygen on board (be sure the batteries have enough power for the duration of the trip, including possible delays).


Thank you very much. Do you have any idea how much that will cost for 2 weeks hire? Is there a deposit to pay?



Best phoning, price would depend on unit, number of batteries, duration.

From othe members £150/£250 is fairly normal.


Once again thank you 👍... Better get swatting 🤔 the 23rd will come round soon enough 🛩


a company in birmingham called meditec are good and quite cheap to


Check with places that sell medical supplies that would be a good resource if not count call the county hospital and ask them for her assistance


Thank you 👍


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