I am from the US, from a state known as North Carolina. I'm learning how you British speak. Like: Mum, Off you go, etc. I am jealous of your accent! It's something that has always intrigued me. Even accents from different areas in the US. People that live in the state of Mississippi and Louisiana have that Cajun accent and the people of Georgia have such a distinct southern drawl. I love them all. So, that is a little something about myself. Secondly, I was diagnosed with Lung Ca in 2011. I've done very well under the circumstances. As of this month, 07/17, I have been diagnosed with a recurrence.This is the 2nd time. I try not to let that get the best of me. Since 2011, I have had to deal with my own mortality. I have learned to look at life differently. It is very short. I've learned to be happy with what I have instead of what I don't have. I am still dealing with the fact that I may not live long enough to get more things accomplished and that does bother me. So, I've tried to take it one day at a time and that's hard too. I am one of little patience. So, with all that said, I suffer from insomnia and this has site has helped me in many ways. If I can say something to encourage others to not smoke then I have done some good; and speaking of something good---I love a good cowboy movie. I love people and especially those that are warm and sincere and I love a good dessert! My prayer would be that God continue to bless us all and let us live another day.

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  • Good to hear from, I love Americans, (well I make an exception of someone I shall not name) your straightforwardness, friendliness and curiosity. You have such a brilliant attitude. Well done.

    All the best


  • Oh how sweet! I am one of those that when it comes to cancer----I ain't going down without a fight! I do believe that attitude is everything! (and so my doctor says) Thanks for the kind remarks!

  • Hello and welcome girliegirl, you have been through a lot and l admire your tenacity and love of life. Best way to be really. Life is indeed short.

    We have a friend in Illinois and l like the American accents. I visited New York years ago with my daughter and it was amazing.

    You take care and keep fighting. Xxxxx

  • Oh thank you so much! I suppose Illinois and New York have their own accent, especially the New Yorkers! Boy that city is so full of yellow taxi cabs and probably 30% of them walk instead of ride to work! Here in NC, it's the contrary. We drive everywhere. Yes I have been through a lot, but no more than some others. I suppose the fight in me to live and the desire to share and help others is what keeps me motivated. I try not to dwell on it, that's when I have to remind myself of one day at a time. I suppose I worry the most about respiratory failure more so than cancer. I have had respiratory failure twice this year. I used to think that respiratory failure meant you could not breathe all at once---like a massive heart attack. Then I learned that it meant not enough oxygen in my blood or too much carbon dioxide which can result in immediate death. That I guess is the most troubling because even with cancer, it's not immediate for the most part. I am on 3 liters of oxygen 24/7; but even with only takes a couple of minutes to turn for the worse. Say hi to your friend in Illinois. :P

  • Loved your stories,comments you brighten my day!

  • Welcome. Like you I find accents fascinating. We live on the border of England and Wales, and there are three different accents just in this small area. Hope you keep well and strong. You learn what is important when you are ill. Many blessings xx

  • Thanks and you are absolutely right about learning what's important! When you are so sick that you don't really care if you live or die, then that is some kind of sick! Speaking from experience, on two different occasions I wasn't sure if I was coming home from the hospital. I was that sick with pneumonia. I can promise you that during that time..I never thought about my bills, money, my laundry, holidays, not any of it. None of that--that kind of stuff that keeps us awake at night or seems to be all consuming. What I thought about was my family, what I would miss, what I wish I could have still finished, what about my pet....those are the things you think about. So since then and my diagnoses, I've tried to kiss the babies, keep the faith, blow kisses, hug a little longer and pet the dog more often. Now, that's what I call living!!

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • Good afternoon. What a inspiring attitude you have like you I have had type 2 respiratory failure I always thought if you got that that was it you popped your clogs likewise I thought heart failure meant your heart stopped beating it's all very complicated. I'm on oxygen just gone up to 4 litres from 1 and 2 .I live in the north east of England and most of us not all called our mothers mam and when little mammy as opposed to mum and mummy it is interesting what words people use that all have the same meaning I had a friend who lived in West Yorkshire and if someone was sulking she would say they had a face on and were right mardy. Take care x

  • Oh too cute of a reply-thanks! I must say that the people from England do speak proper grammar. I love it! Now, in English classes in high school---that was my favorite class and I did quite well. Now, I'm a grandma (don't know what y'all call us) haha, I have nearly forgotten proper grammar. I speak English and I try to write proper English, but it's clearly not proper as it once was. Guess since I'm older and a Grandma maybe I'm allowed?? haha

  • We have grandmas grans. Grannies nannans. And nanas I'm a nana x

  • That's lovely thank you. xxx

  • Gudday sweet pea, sorry you are crook, its fair dinkum ozzie that I yarn wiv ya, and a bit of I don't no where it comes from slang. Actually I am not from Australia, but I did live their many moons ago.

    I am from the north of England originally ee by gum land but currently living in the south, where some in somerset will say don't tell I tell ee. ;) :D

    So sorry you are so poorly girlie, but you have a great attitude and love of life comes across in your post. Its good to welcome you here, although I am not really a regular myself, but just pop by from time to time.

    I have the very best friend living in the US, we chat everyday and I really don't no where I would be without her, with all the help and support she has offered me over the years. Such a special person.

    Its a real pleasure to meet you girlie and I shall look out for your posts each time I visit.

    You might enjoy this video: :)

    Keep on breathing and keep on attem or is that at em, or speaking ploply keep on at them, I think keep on at em sounds better :) accents are fun for sure :D

  • Wow Bkin! You really had me going! What a fun post!! Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I'm from Mississippi, but live in Louisiana...Cajun land. haha!! I love all accents too. Mine is very southern, and I do have a drawl.

    I wish we could all facetime and chat...would be so fun!!

  • Hello, I have a London accent, born and bred near Woolwich London. Live in Hertfordshire now and still have a London accent but not cockney too often. Oo gor blimey mate you aint arf got a lotta bottle! . Just the atttude of us Londoners during the war - pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!

    I post a poem each Sunday, don't know f that's your thing, but another angle on the English language, so many words to choose from, perfect for poetry.

    Do wish you good health, love Iris x

  • Bless u❤️

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