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Breathing problems


Hello I have just joined the site today 27/07/2017. I am suffering with a crackling sound when breathing and have been ill wheezing now for almost three months non stop, day and night. I have never had anything like this before. I had a chest xray which came back ok, now am waiting to see the nurse for some sort of tests. I want to know what i've got. I've never smoked, but have a constant cough too. Any suggestions out there, its really worrying and its getting me down.

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Hi Marrigold

It must be very scary and frustrating for you. And although no one wants to have something the matter with their lungs to be told that there is nothing wrong is just so unsatisfactory when it is clear to you that there is something up. I do hope you get some answers from the nurse.

Let us know how it goes.

All the best

K x

marrigold in reply to Katinka46

Hi Katinka,

I couldn't have a lung function test as my cough is too bad also my blood pressure was too high, so I have to wait until it's down with more tablets.

Katinka46 in reply to marrigold

More waiting. How maddening. And that won't help your blood pressure. So sorry.


Hello and welcome marigold. Nobody here can diagnose you but I hope the nurse is able to give you the answers you are looking for.

marrigold in reply to mrsmummy

Thank you for your message, it's good to talk things over with someone. My Blood pressure was too high to have the test done today, so I'm back in 2 weeks to see the nurse, and have to still using the inhaler.

It could be many things. What I would advise you to do is keep a diary. Note how you you feel during the day. Are there any activities which you feel make it worse. There could be environmental factors that could affect your lungs. So note any products that you use in the house or at work. The more information you supply your doctor with the quicker he will be able to diagnose.

marrigold in reply to Badbessie

Thank you for your message, there's some good points there. Have you got something similar?

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marrigold in reply to Hidden

Thanks Nik, I don't think I had pneumonia but I had a terrible cold, didn't go doctors with it at the time, but ended up with what i have now, maybe I should have gone sooner, I still have the crackle, its worse at night and in the evenings.

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marrigold in reply to Hidden

Hi Nik,

Well when i take the inhaler my cough goes, but in the mornings i seem to cough up lots of clear water type substance, so i'm in two minds whether to take the inhaler, i may try a steaming bowl tonight with salt in it then like you recommended, as there's nowhere here to walk around that has salty air.

Regards Marrigold

Hi Marigold, you've came to the right place to find support, sharing our own journey as we take you with us and once you actually know what they diagnose you with, we can start to brainstorm. Lots of times we learn more by other people's experiences and give it a whirl! So, we all have a story and we all have something to add. Welcome.

Thank you for your kinds words, it helps to be on this site, I can't wait to get a diagnosis, then i can get the help and correct medication for me.

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