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Using oxygen while traveling abroad


Hi I've just joined was diagnosed with copd 6 years ago and have been managing really well didn't need oxygen so just got on with things packed in the smokes and have been fine. Just the odd infection where i meefed to use my back up antibiotics and steroids. Since Christmas I've been really bad rushed in hospital twice with excerbations been on antibiotics and steroids with only few days break In between courses as soon as they finished. Been on oxygen since January had another bad excerbationlast week so back on Meds as well as the oxygen. I go on holiday on the 11th Sept so paid to have a flight test done which shows I need oxygen on the plain my problem has been trying to find out how I go about sorting oxygen out for whilst I'm away I'm just not able to find out whst I need to do and what the cost is or how much I will need don't seem to be able to get any answers off anyone. Can anyone help me to work through this Warren of red tape. I would be grateful for any help on using oxygen abroad and what's the best way to do it

Thank you for reading and I hope someone out there can give me a helping hand

Best wishes KEN.

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First port of call is to see if airline supplies inflight oxygen, several no longer do.

You may have hire a portable concentrator for the duration of your holiday.

For hire.

Dedalus in reply to stone-UK

If you are going to use POC on the plane(s) do you need to declare it to the airline? Thanks Stone

stone-UK in reply to Dedalus


Medical equipment as to be declared, for POCs you sufficient battery power for duration of flight plus 50% extra in case of delays.

You may also need "fit to fly" notice.

Typical form of BA

Section G is medical equipment.

I would contact airline, stating medical condition and oxygen requirements.

Dedalus in reply to stone-UK

Great - many thanks Stone

Hi there! stone-UK is always on hand to put up info or links etc and as you can see already,he's quick of the mark !! I've no actual experience in arranging oxygen for flights or for holidays abroad. (There's still the faint chance next year). However as an oxygen user I completely understand your concerns. Would you come back once you've found out who is the cheapest/most reliable company and tell us how you got on?Wishing you well.


I've always taken my own concentrator on flights, although VirginAtlantic supply oxygen free of charge. Never had any problems with customs, the airlines, staff -- anyone, actually. Stuff a couple of tubes up your nose and everyone is very helpful!!

Good luck; have a fabulous holiday.


Thank you so much for all your advice I contacted 02 pure they wanted £545.00 to hire for two weeks he is having one delivered for use at home I'm going to see if l can buy one di.ilat to the one they send we are flying with Thomson nd they are supplying air on the plane free of charge and I have had to get a form signed by the Doctors to say he is fit to fly which i have done so jidt need to buy one now as to rent is expensive thankd again for all yoir advice it was very helpful Pam

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