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Who To Belive

Like we need OUR heads peeping anymore.

NOW Scientists are saying Completing antibiotic courses is a myth that may make bacterial resistance worse, say scientists.

Researchers say it may be best for patients to stop taking their medicine when they feel better


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Pete told me about that JAS but l'm not so sure after years of being told to complete the course. Confused? Yes l am! Xxxx


Hi Sassy few times i tried stoping my maintanace antibiotics given how hard are on guts to end up with rank infection.

Can see plus and negatives as killing all bacteria in us is bad as we by all accounts are made up of 75% bacteria.

Guess its like apendix for years removed them THEN descoved held reserves of good bacteriea that repopulated guts.

Then have read about bacteria that live on in on teeth that stop pumodues lung infections

You don't know who what to belive BUT do belive there is more natural bacterial cures dismised.

After all with out antibiotics factory farming would not be possible



this something that i have always done. i stoped when i felt better, sometimes just two or three days.

two say ago my 5 year old son school phone me to come and pickhim up as he was been sick and was hot. i was there in 3 minutes and he was seeing a children doctor within 5 minutes.

he gave us 5 different medicine one them the anibiotic was to be taken two times a day for 7 days.

well he was a lot better this morning so i stoped them and the other ones too.

am not worried about it one bit and he been having a great 6th brithday.

i havent read the link yet as i would proberly agree with anyway.


Hi Glad your son feeling better always worry when ill.

This royal collage of nursing have said is always best to finish course of antibiotics .

Guess if processional's can't agree prob best using our own judgments


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i have always heard/been told that it take 2 to 3 days for the antibiotics to kick in to start working on you.

if that is ture, then i didnt need them in the frist place. but that cant be ture as in most times ive use them i got better within 3 days.

i think it all comes down to what is wrong with you and on the antibiotic you use for it.

am happy on stop taking antibiotics when i feel i dont need them any more so it dont really matter on what the royal collage of nursing says.

am i wrong in saying that and am i the only person that listens to there own body. ?


Goodmorning Jeff, once again it seems you have come across one of the many confusing articles about drug taking. As for antibiotics we are expected these days to manage without so what difference will how long we take them have as we may not even get the prescription in the first place,? the article just reinforces a reason not to prescribe. Keeps our minds active though keeping up with the latest facts :) :)


They done the same with Steroids ? I think its a ploy to save money if you dont need the course why do many of us with lung disease need two to three courses xx

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Like most medical stories in the press this does not provide adequate information to make any sensible decision. We do not know the types of infection that the research was done on. We do not know whether the patients were suffering from long term conditions or were one off infections.

We are not told what percentage of patients were in fact clear of infection when they felt better and how many relapsed and required further abs or even whether this was checked in the study.

What would be more use to me would be being able to get more abs immediately if not feeling completely better instead of waiting 2 weeks so that is back to where it was when I started the couse.


Yes,honestly I'm tending to agree with

Hidden ,@shadow4me,@katieoxo60,@ub40, and @sassy59- its all a bit of a balancing act,money being always at the root if most medical dilemmas. Every day there's something new on the radio,on TV,in the press and all contradictory to one another. I read them and more often than not,am NO better advised by it!! Take care out there in the big wide world- it can be a jungle!!!

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Your right "who to believe" but researchers do change their views over time and often reverse long held practices. This one tho' could prove to be more correct than others insofar that the medical profession do not seem to be coming up with any new anti bi's to keep ahead of the game. Unfortunately people with our disease have to use a lot of them which indicates that we will become more immune to them at a earlier date. Sad.



I wouldn't risk not completing the course myself, I had several months of different antibiotics but each only 1 week long, they didn't do the job and I got worse, now my emergency pack is for 2 weeks of a stronger AB in future.

Scientist have been known to change their minds throughout history on different subjects.

Always check with your doctor, each of us has particular care and extra care needs, it could risk lung health if we paid mind to every news article, science or no that we read.

Take good care of your lungs.


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