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Lung cancer 20 plus years ago carcinoid now have liver cancer they say it's from my lung cancer all those years ago

Hi all its mickmm and I have had all sorts of cancer over the years total now 7 times the latest is lesions on my liver.. Back in January I was admitted to hospitall with breathing problems from my bronciexis and kept in as I developed a very bad infection had to have I V antibiotics which got rid and they gave me blood tests etc and a day before my discharge I was sent for a couple times scan and themail doctor ask me if I knew what the scan was for it said no so he told me a marker had shown up on my blood and thenjoy he told me I had a lesion on my liver and I ask what was to do and heasy just said we'll if you Start to turn yellow gold to you G P and he will investigate now 6 months on and had a ctrl scan for something else they now tell me I have several tumors on my liver and I have been to see a liver specialist and he now tells me he cannot operate because I only have 1 lung so now I am waiting to see if any radio therapy can be offered he told me the only good thing was they are slow growing and he said if I had a scan I 12 months they perhaps would not have changed so if you are told something follow it up yourself becacause you can get forgotten as I did I am thinking of making a complaint about the way I have been treated in January so I have just got to make the most of things as they are mickmm

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Have you tried the British Liver Trust forum?

There are others. Just drop down the 'My Communities' tab at the top and select '+ Browse Communities'. Good luck.

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Forgoten say's it al .. I would complain if was me.

4 relitives of mine in last 6 months dieing of undiagnosed cancer's

Unless we kick up a fuss the are n do geting away with murder.

I thought you liver is only organ that can regenarate its self CAN'Tt understand why can't do out

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