⚠️ OMG acidosis or panic attack

 ⚠️ OMG acidosis or panic attack

Like really last few days panic attack's are having beno with me.

Now i don't know whats going on or if its stress or acidosis thats causing panic attack's given my lung condition but the dedo disrupting my day things trying to do.

Twice in one day is enough for anyone so am at Donald Ducks tomoz as its getting beyond a joke now.

I would not mind if my legs had swollen up but no

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7 Replies

  • Hope you can get some help with the panic attacks JAS and l do wish you well. Xxx

  • Hi Sassy is real pain .. I would not mind but don't feel stressed.

    But is like guy in video describes.

  • Panic attacks are truly awful. Hopefully, your Docter will find something to stop them, like mine did. xx

  • Hi Cheers defo hope so last time had them THIS bad doctor said was anxiety when infect was pneumonia and then had dx of chronic lung disease.

    Thats GP's for you at least can't do that again

  • Hi Jeff, hope doctors goes well fingers crossed and legs too I guess :) Hope you feel a little better today.

  • Hi Katie Cheers thanks ... 3.50 I am seeing him/ her hopefully have something tangible to say or do as me back as started killing me two.

  • Good Luck

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