Read a few things on blf SOME funny SOME sad But never read epilogue.

There are treatments and there are none PLACEBO or PALATIVE.

My epilogue will be cure's and living great life FULL of the nice thing and people I have meet and done.

Why dose lung disease treatments or lack of .. have to be so tragic.

If you could go or write you epilogue WHAT would it say be.

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There are the words on a gravestone in Birmingham. It goes something like this. " If you have wind don't let it go! For it was lack of wind that laid me so". I don't think it was about COPD but apt to some degree.

Defo agree quite smart apt but epilogue is not always associated with ends.

Guess with everything is open to interpretation.

My own will be “I was hoping for a pyramid.”

Guess mine be waiting for cute & don't do what I did.

Not really thought about mine got lot living todo befour hang my clogs up.

Well heart withstanding

Tea bag? BB 😀


Two sugers splash of milk in mine got me Bactria to feed lol

My epitaph: Crikey! That went quick!

Petes: Oh it's too hot!

Take care JAS XXXX

I saw a great one on a bench. It just said 'Gone looking for Harold Wilson'

Not sure Harold Wilson be my fist choice.

Ad like to find or chat with Jimmy Hoffa

Yes I would too. Of course Elvis would be better :)

Totally agree! We'll form a queue😃

Mine would be inspired by my friend and my son who say ..."She's always late.....even for this!!"

' we never believed she had a problem'

That's good'en

"I told you I was ill." But I can't claim it as mine. It's Spike Milligan's.

great minds think alike?i was just about to add Spikes quote.xx

That's what I say courtesy of spike

How about "my Sats where low.i told them so"

Think I'd quite like .....'to be continued'.

Good morning JeffAxjaxSmith, I adore Johnny Cash, never heard " When a man comes around " before, really enjoyed it, hope you day is going well, Regards Bulipit

My headstone will read"I told you I was sick".

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