Rheumatoid Factor!

Advise needed please.

In 2003 I was tested for rheumatoid factor (RF) and it was 51. Saw Respiratory Consultant about my 'cough' and they 'briefly' mentioned 'hypersensitive lungs'. Got an inhaler but only needed it a very short period of time. No signs of it in joints. The doctor wasn't bothered. In 2014 I was tested again. It was 49! The GP said, its fine. Last year (2016) it was 23.

Now Respiratory consultant seems 'interested' in this although I've been tested for autoimmune diseases and no indicators. I don't have rheumatoid arthritis in my joints.

As I have a diagnosis of non-specific Interstitial pneumonitis (not pneumonia) and things I've read seem to mention autoimmune diseases I just wondered if anyone has any similar experiences or advice to offer?

Sorry to go on (again) x

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RF is just one of many tests that are done to diagnose various conditions. Normally when they do this test they also include tests for autoimmune conditions and inflammatory markers such as CRP etc. My wife as been diagnosed with a type of arthritis which is autoimmune in nature. However none of her blood tests were positive. She was diagnosed on her symptoms. My point is that blood test are just a small part of a doctor's assessment. There are many different types of arthritis some of which can affect the lungs. That your consultant want's to eliminate them as a cause is reassuring. He is looking all possible causes rather than stick a label on you.

Thanks for your reply. I think you are right about the 'label'. It's me trying to find answers and since I got my label of non-specific interstitial pneumonitis, I'm desperately trying to make sense of it all. I suspect I haven't really got a clue as to exactly what they mean by the overall title. I know it's not pneumonia based. You're also right about 'part of the picture'. I reckon someone needs to sit me down and spell out exactly what they mean. The beginners guide to the condition would be ideal. I don't know about others on here but since being told a title I feel my symptoms are worse! So conscious of everything 'lungs'. x

Lol. Sit down and take a deep breath. First I think that when diagnosed we all go through this. Anxiety like this is normal. It's the minds way of dealing with an abnormal situation. Like you I wanted to know more. I did this by research and listing questions to ask my GP, Consultant etc. Avoid Dr Google. I will try to find some information for you that is not too technical.

Aw... thank you so much. Can you research how to switch my brain off? If my brain was on a treadmill it would collapse due to exertion!!! Going round in 5th gear. Thanks again. x

This is a bit more technical.... emedicine.medscape.com/arti...

I like this bit...Prognosis is good with early diagnosis and management.

Good. Information is a two edged weapon! Most articles focus on the more negative aspects.

Everyone is different so as they say, time will tell. It feels better just being able to talk about it. Can't get the link above to work so I'm searching for it through the site generally. Thank you again x

Link fixed.

Yah! Thank you x

They seem to call problems with breathing COPD. At my surgery, they are now not sure if I Have COPD

Goodness! Now what?

I'm due to see the community care worker for an update in the near future

Hopefully you'll get some clarity and hopefully good news too x

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