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Evening all.My new consultant has taken me off both Fostair and Braltus and prescribed Spiolto Respimat.I must confess that neither Fostair or Braltus ever appeared to have any immediate effect on me but obviously they are both maintenance meds so maybe i didn,t notice their effectiveness over the long term.

I am wondering if he has done this because he initially believes that my diagnosis will be severe emphysema and that this is a more appropriate type of bronchodilator.

Interested to hear from anyone who is on Spiolto either diagnosed with Emphyema or any other derivative of COPD and their experience with its performance.

love to all ...skis and scruffy

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I have severe empysema asked consultant about it yesterday been on spiriva and sertide plus salbutomol for 6 years I read about it and asked him could I go on it no joy x

Time Did he give any reasons why?i think anybody with heart conditions or high blood pressure are not recommended to take it as it affects heart rhythm in their cases also it is not recommended for asthmatics.

No reason given he said it was for asthma I showed him the print out I took with me that said for CopD But you know the luck I have lol

It's very specifically NOT for asthma - the drug co. literature says repeatedly that it's for COPD and that it's dangerous for asthmatics.

I know that top of print out says CopD he just wasn't interested

i am curious about drug changes! my pulm doc wants to take me off Spiriva and Enbreez which I have been on for 10 years and switch me to Inspiotte. he told me that Spiriva can cause kidney problems. I am stage 4 emphasima and on oxygen 24/7 but i do pretty good considering! i told my gp about the possible switch and he said "oh, there's no problem with Spiriva...they are just trying to promote a new drug". !!! Anyone else being switched??

Patients 1, Doctors 0

One of the two components it contains is actually Spiriva, and the other is an LABA which is the non-steroid component in Symbicort or Seretide. The research apparently shows that the two combined components are more effective than the same two components if taken separately. That seems surprising to me but that is apparently what the research shows. I tried it about a year ago and didn't find it that effective but have been taking it again now for the last two months and am not sure if it is better than what I was taking before or not but will give it another month to see.

My doctor feels you should take it for at least a month before judging.

I hope you find it effective.

I have been switched from Spiriva to Braltus with disastrous results - needless to say I am now without a preventor so Fostair will have to work overtime.

Hi ski just been reading your old posts about changing to spoilt respiratory. My consultant gave me prescription for this last week but so far I cannot find a chemist who has this. I've checked all high street chemists and wondered if it made a big difference to you...is it worth tracking down? I think it's post code lottery again. Thanks for the laughs, jane

chubby,i have found it better than my other two inhalers.Get your normal pharmacist to order it for you,they have the facilities to fast track prescriptions of less common meds and should have it within 48hrs or less.Demand it of them it is their duty under the NHS..............................good luck skis x

sorry Jane not chubby xx

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